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How are you? Hey. Good morning. Adam. Last year. Jay was a weird off season. Right. Everything got pushed back the players are getting angry the lot of the contracts were down. Although it wasn't a great free agent class. This year is better. Do we you know, it's still early. But especially with all the guys that just flooded the market with the non tenders yesterday. Do you think we're gonna see a similar slow market to what happened last year? Well, I think we're probably going to see a lot of those mid mid market guys who got screwed last year. I they're probably going to be a little bit more eager to to take. What's out there sooner rather than later, especially with the flood that we that? We've never seen. You know, like higher end relative to years spouse that were done tendered. Now, these guys know that they're in competition with other options, and you know, is this is not a great thing for for the union, but they've kinda made their bed here as as to what's happening. We'll see we'll see that into things sped up. I don't think we're necessarily going to see the big names urgent urgently moving. I think we know what regards to Scott Boris that he likes to slow walk until January and February gets Manny Machado. I think might be the first to sign of those two he's going to go through all his options to. You know and see if he can get a better price and better offers a j I as a as a cubs fan personally. I was disappointed that the cubs didn't non tender Addison. Russell were you surprised by that? A little, you know, I I will say that, you know, I obviously very uncomfortable with with Addison Russell has done. I could see distance themselves from it. And I think they handle the poorly when the allegations first surfaced seventeen the statement by fall yesterday, at least were. Yard what other teams in civil situations have dealt with similar players. So I know maybe a little bit optimistic that they're at least working with him to try to. Set. A better example, you know, for for for Russell and for the industry on how to handle these cases. Because unfortunately, they're just it's just a harsh reality that we have to live with obviously, we're seeing we're seeing now the NFL as well too high profile cases in one week, and you know, and and if baseball can at least show that can handle penalties incidents. More responsibly. I think that's a positive. You know, it's a tough have put themselves in a tough position JJ fan, graphs. Speaking of the day yesterday. A couple of moves. I was surprised the angels non tendered Blake Parker hunter Strickland was a little surprised maybe Mike fires. What moves kind of stood out to you yesterday? Whether guys are tendered or non tendered, those were ones I mean. Parker has had closing experience. But there are a lot of closers out and angel seemed likely to want to move up in in that class of players. You know, guys like, David Robertson. Zach Britton Craig kimbrel out. There me a lot of options. There fires. Boy. That's the guy who gets traded practically every year. Which pretty much news. You're the definition of fungible. I think I think most of these guys are gonna are. You are going to be finding the end and that they're gonna find work. But yeah, it was a little surprising stricklin was the closer to the future in San Francisco. But man that guy's got a head full of rocks. Not not here. He's he's kind of like a nuclear Lucia brainless hard throwers. Luckily, I guess not really surprised that the Mets are cutting ties with Wilmer Flores, he's a really. You know, he's a likable player for sure. But a very fringe player. You know, doesn't have the power to be a full time. First baseman doesn't have the gloves to be a starter or any other infield spot, you know, just kind of a tweeter. And when when those guys start to get expensive. There's a change of scenery involves. So I wasn't that surprised. I guess the mostly surprised that just there's there's a higher volume of these guys when you think about the way the owners are playing this in the executives are playing this. It makes sense you flood the market you drive prices down. And that's really what they're doing JJ after you speaking to the Mets there's been a lot of talk to last values three or four days about this trade the evolving Robinson casino, and Edwin d as and submits prospects Jay, Bruce, we don't know every last detail yet, there seems to be some confusion about how much money, you know, the Mets will be getting in return without knowing maybe for sure what that money is going to be what's what's your thoughts on this deal? The way it looks right now. I don't love it for the Mets standpoint. I think that, you know, you're you're buying a you're you're taking on a thirty five thirty six year old player who's who's inevitably going to be in decline and he's got him under contract for five years. I mean, you're catching appalling steak nice. He has an excellent pitcher who has four years patrol, but he's a closer the closes out there that it only cost you money. They're not gonna to you. I Raphael your two first round picks, which is which is what the Mets are dealing here. The the contacted Jay, Bruce and Anthony sports. I hated the Jay Bruce carjacked from the moment. It was side. There were high school's getting one year and five million dollars three thirty dollars. I thought that was a ridiculous contract, especially when you consider the redundancy of hit inquiry outdoors. They've got it. Conforto. And and just the way that the parts in the best outcome have never fit together since really since before Bruce. But. Mismatch set. So getting rid of that contract awkward and some other money was wars that mitigates what they're doing. And I can understand from the standpoint of a new executive coming in y y y you we'll be doing that. But I just don't love this deal at all. And I think that it's not going to be the star. He was here before because he's got that PD suspension hangovers that there's not going to be nearly as much. Doozy hasn't when he gets to three thousand s which I think is a light was eventually, it's just you know, if if that's make other moves if they're really. Loading up if they're gonna spend money, I think they have a chance to contend for wildcard spot. But boy that division is gonna be a tough one because the Braves are here in the Phillies are coming. They're gonna come away with either Harper Machado ethic and also. Yeah. Front lights starting pitcher? And they're going to be contending its nationals to reload. And boy, that's a tough division to compete in the feel the Mets I feel like this trade would make more sense for a team that needs a closer and his right there. Like, I I don't really need a second baseman. But like the cubs made this trade like I don't understand it a little more because they're you know, they could win the World Series this year. I just don't see that with the Mets. But so I so I agree with you. But let's talk about a trade. It did happen yon gums goes from the India's the nationals and JD the catching market is really speaking of a flooded market. I mean, you've got some pretty decent free agent. Catchers, a GT real Mutya was on the market. And he may be the best catcher of all. If you look at offense defense combined apparently Francisco survey. On the market. Russell Martin if anybody's interested. Their Wilson Ramos is a free agent. Luke, ROY Granville. I mean. Yeah. Yet. The Indian seemed like they got two decent prospects. I don't know. With domes coming off me at one of his best seasons. What did you think of that move? And what do you think of the the idea of the Wairimu deal might end up? Yeah. I, you know, look, I the the state of catching major league wide is not very strong. Yeah. Rama's and and grand doll are the best free agent options out there. I'm like growing all he had obviously had a terrible postseason. But he is an excellent two way player not a high batting average guy. But excellent pitch framing. Okay. Certainly better defensively than he showed in the the NFC CS with the dodgers Llamas is is is is a slightly better hitter. But durability and defense problems for him guys like loop ROY Kazuki had seen better days. I, you know, I think gold's is is is a legitimate starting catcher the nationals, you know, they had logos. But he had injuries. And and wasn't always available and they had to settle for backups. So this is a this is an upgrade. With them. I don't have any real knowledge of the prospects in in that particular deal. It's kind of escaped my notice because I was very hall of fame stuff. You know, I liked it in terms of a win now saying which and the nationals are in a window fish. So even after losing Bryce Harper. They've got they've got a lot of talent there. So from that standpoint, I like it for the nationals. You know, the the Bryce Harper thing is is is obviously fascinating. Because it's going to be interesting to see how big the contract yet. Same thing with Manny Machado, and you know, in the end, do you think Manny Machado, his his numbers are affected by all this talk about is he gonna play hard all the time. And all that stuff. Do you think that factors in at all? You know, I think most of that is I wash I really do. I think in the end, you know, it's any team pursuing him like the axes like the Phillies, I is going to have to say those things to appease their own fan base because they don't want their fan base to be saying. Oh, yeah. We we signed this lazy bug. You know? Certainly at like an an aspect of this. And I think, you know, privately Machado will will say, hey, I think those statements were, you know, maybe taken out of context or agency. Those statements were maybe taken out of context he doesn't really mean it like that. He is a hard player like look Manny Machado keeps himself in in excellent shape. Manny Machado has incredible talents. You know, every player I think for the most part as a survival tactic has to check out a little bit because the season is so long and the in the schedule so grueling you know, what we talked about the talk about him. The why the Yankees students didn't pursue him. Was this was this perception that he was a lazy guy, you know, not everybody Boston down down the line all the time. And as you age, you know, the chance that you're gonna blow a hamstring or something like that on some dumb. You know, like sprinting the first base on a routine groundout, you know. The goal is to get elbow. I you know as close to one hundred sixty two games. And if you have to, you know, shift down to a lower gear once in a while, you know, the assumption is that you're at least going to be playing hard when you know, when when it matters, and you'll smart and how high the baseball I q to be selective about when you're coasting. Jay, do you believe that Zach Ranki and one of the top three Indian starters will both be traded in the next few weeks. Yes, I do. I do I think it's not necessarily gonna be Corey kluber or Carlos Carrasco hearing that Trevor Bauer might be the actual actually be the the guy on the move. And we know that Trevor Bauer has had problems throughout his career in terms of playing nice with others. I think that the so I'm hearing that he could be the guy, and certainly, you know, what's the level that he reached this past year the club control that he has. I think he's a very appealing. Acquisition. I think he is too. He's really showed some staying power. Obviously the key there. How much money Arizona's going to whether whether he can find a fit. Satisfieds his no trade list. I think he's got fifteen teams on it. And I know that the dodgers the angels are among them. The cardinals are among them. Believe the Mets are among them. But the brewers interestingly are not and he had he had a pretty good time in they'll walk last time. He was there. So I wouldn't be surprised if they put something together. Jay, I know you said you were a busy with with the hall of fame stuff. It's the time of the year. Right. Will be it won't be too long before.

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