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Yeah we're going to ruin it. We don't let a shirt leave here without ruining absolute the big pile of shirts in here before we were ruining before the show a shirt and a while to all right. Let's start today with our birthday girl. Gandhi what's on your mind. Okay so it is a birthday. Thank you all so much. I appreciate all the birthday love but I walked in this morning and you know I get here before like everybody else does and there was a moment where I was just a little bit teary looking around because the last fear of my life with all of you has been amazing. And I couldn't be luckier and it just really like overwhelmed me today I feel like I'm GonNa get teary talking about happy birthday. Thank you you guys are the best gift I could ever got a good then. I'll take the other one back. Just have you guys and it's amazing and returns to Andrews returned to on Amazon John. Happy Birthday but actually it's going to funny. Daniel will agree with me and everyone will agree with me. It's your birthday. You consider us to gift. You're actually gift to us. And you know we say that over and over to you you guys are so nice I love it. It's just been amazing. All the ups and the downs and US just being together. It's been great. Wait wait wait downs downs Daniel. She just sit down. No the people have gone through some things. We'll happy birthday a froggy. What's on your mind today? You know mine is one of things as well so last night. I had a very long conversation with our lovable straight mate and it was a very deep conversation and we talked about things. We were thankful for. When I hung up the phone I I looked at least and I said? Do you realize how lucky we are to have these people in our lives and that we're coming up to see you this weekend and see everybody and spend time and I just WanNa say take a second of your day and you think about all that is right in your life and be thankful for what you have. Life really is awesome. Amen sister absolutely right. It is stop down and be grateful. Hey what's up Daniel. I was thinking the same thing as a lesson. I was writing out a card to Gandhi and I was saying the same thing she just said when she told me this morning. I was like that do that. It's her birthday and like you're celebrating her birth but we've had her for this last year and it was the best year and I am so thankful that she's part of this family and I'm so thankful that she's here I I can't say it enough so it was awesome. I love you and love you. What is your shirt say? Daniel grateful blessed Hashtag.

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Daniel, Gandhi, Andrews discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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