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Our heart radio this week in eighteen eighty three after fourteen years and twenty seven deaths will be constructed the Brooklyn bridge over the East River is open connecting the great cities of New York in Brooklyn for the first time in history thousands of residents of Brooklyn and Manhattan island turned out to witness the dedication ceremony which was presided over by president Chester Arthur and New York governor over Cleveland designed by the late John A. Roebling the Brooklyn bridge was the largest suspension bridge ever built to that date this week in nineteen thirty four notorious criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow or shot and killed by Texas and Louisiana state police for driving a stolen car in Louisiana Bonnie Parker met the charismatic Clyde barrow in Texas when she was nineteen years old shortly after they met Clyde was imprisoned for robbery Parker visited him every day and smuggled a gun into prison to help them escape he was soon caught in Ohio and sent back to jail one Clyde was paroled in nineteen thirty two he immediately hooked up with Bonnie the couple began their now famous life of crime together this week in nineteen thirty five Major League Baseball holds its first night game the Cincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies two to one the Crosley field in Cincinnati courtesy of recently installed lights the game drew twenty five thousand fans and jumping way ahead this week in twenty twelve Facebook the world's largest social networks holds its initial public offering and raises sixteen billion dollars it was the largest technology IPO in American history to that date at the time it went public Facebook was valued at a hundred and four billion dollars had some nine hundred million registered users worldwide and that's what happens thanks for listening to this week in history on I heart radio really counting on the great American a great night of a talk radio and also during the night of the last dance but love having on congressman Thomas Massie who says that there's a good chance that the Congress will not be back in session till the end of July because Nancy Pelosi is is frightened scared and don't want to have anything occur and then I also have an on Brigitte Gabriel's always a cake but James Harrison of newsmax dot com one of my favorite gas because he has chosen to live in the Golden State of California in fact in and around Los Angeles which I find almost impossible and James Harrison welcome again to the bill Cunningham show James how are you I'm doing well thank you very much sure as you know trying to hold back my righteous indignation over being locked up as a prisoner in this great American country I just I can't you know what's amazing to me bills that so many of these so called progressives yep they trace their ancestry back to the flower children and hippies of the nineteen sixties and yet they have become the most authoritarian dictators they are the people who pointed the finger at the present United States N. called the verdict they're called Hitler and now they've all become little Hitlers it's so ironic well let me let me share with you something when I was at Xavier many many years ago I did a couple of papers at the time on C. S. Lewis who's a late the he's a lady out there he was in a theology in those things he was a Christian thinker and CS Lewis was very good and he wrote the following of all the tyrannies a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims maybe the most impressive of all it may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies at least the robber barons cruelty maze that may sometimes sleep because at home you may think what the hell I have the power to do what I'm gonna do it and that he may be more likely to go we haven't yet at the same time likely to make a hell on earth this very kindest things with intolerable insult to be shored against one's will and short of states or conditions which we may not regard as a disease at all this report on the level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will to be classed as an adult with infants and imbeciles and domestic animals that's what C. S. Lewis said in god in the dark he made the point that Tierney for the good of its victims is the most impressive of all so what when I listen to Gavin Newsom this morning it was on one of the Sunday morning talk shows he was talking about after all even though we have few deaths in the state of California looking at my list tonight it is eight out of one hundred thousand and of the eight three year in nursing homes that means in the general population it's five out of a hundred thousand if you fill up the Los Angeles Coliseum there's gonna be five individuals three of whom were those five have pre existing conditions are gonna die pope at nineteen in other words it is not a problem and so what given news and wants to do like anybody share once they don't Kentucky or what Cuomo does in New York is say look you guys like you James arson you don't know what's good for you you don't know how to conduct your affairs therefore I'm going to engage in charity for the good of its victims and therefore I know better than you how does he get away with that in California well it's a very big I mean we see these governors across the country and blue states primarily are basically doing things that their own state constitutions do not allow because even the emergency powers have limited scope in time any new Serbian obviously it's a one size fits all policy is her company and by the way C. S. Lewis you wrote a paper and see who he is the greatest Christian apologist of all time and it took a tremendous fantasy writers well but he's thinking is just so beautiful a literary apologetics I love it so much and I'm familiar with that quote and it's so true it's similar to what Reagan used to say about the most dangerous thing in the world is someone from the government wants to help you out yeah it's but it's like this I mean maybe for listeners to understand is collect everything we do involves risks sure one of the great riches driving the people that die are far more people die from accidents auto accidents didn't die from COPD nineteen so if we want to prevent auto accidents what we should do is tell people not to drive for three months or six months and then auto accidents will go down but the problem with that is we lose our freedom and our ability to travel in southern California we drive to the bathroom so we can't even move if we can't arrive so with that it is you know taking away liberty and masks to protect people and that's your point it is by it definition your radical it is it is our most aggressive and they do it whenever I want the call was this morning doing one of his news conferences again and and so far New York about thirty thousand new Yorkers have died five or six thousand directly because Cuomo put their release to older folks from hospitals back into nursing homes whenever covert nineteen positive and he wouldn't let the nursing home operator bar them from occurring and five thousand died including the in law the older analog and so by Janice Janice Janice dean the weather machine on fox news and the five five or six thousand people directly died you need a quote to this morning to the effect of well that's what all people do is die I mean I read yeah they were going to die anyway you're gonna die want to sell it let's hurry it up a little bit if you look at it and this was based on locking down you know the states in the US was based on these computer simulations proved to be totally inaccurate within weeks and then they said well we have to reduce the strain on the medical infrastructure in the hospitals the US hospitals are not and it turns out they were never in danger of collapse even in New York then everywhere they were strained but boasted Enzo and somehow they came up with this idea even social business so you know one of the things that's interesting I mentioned bring fifteens we go back to the Hong Kong flu that killed a million people worldwide killed one hundred thousand people in the United States it was in nineteen sixty eight in nineteen sixty nine and right in there it was ward stock where there were five hundred thousand people not to be doing the opposite of social distancing they were all you know involved in they weren't they didn't have clothes they were hugging each other in a brace each other and you know we didn't hear anything in the press at that point we can go back and search now there was really nothing to what I just knew I had a heart New York times had a story about it that there were tens of thousands of dying it was a medical issue started sixty eight continue through nineteen sixty nine and it made the point that we didn't have cable television and im ka I'm confident the reason we have what we have done a politically is every news room there's three or four channels up there a fox news CNBC CNN MSNBC and that drives the entire conversation I was in I was in college in sixty eight sixty nine seventy went to law school and seventy one that was going on it was a medical issue and today's terms that would mean two hundred thousand Americans would die of the Hong Kong flu we had fifty four to nineteen fifty six was the Asian flu course under years ago we had almost two million Americans die in today's numbers from that and it was never weaponized politically until now why is that and I think what we get we have to I think most Americans are waking up to this no matter what we say the origin of this virus what's in the weather no matter what the thinking was even though we know the models were wrong they scared the president's task force the dead simple about two million people dialing dying we now know that the curve is been slacking the things they've peaked at our hospital beds are available for the medical infrastructure the PPA is out there yeah what we see are these all state local politicians so using it they're going to re open but not yet not yet saying they've been going at it in the case of Gavin Newsom for these larger counties in southern California he put in a row of poison control requirements he says there has to be two weeks with zero deaths for two weeks meeting zero Kobe debts well in LA county with the homeless population that is impossible to retrieve he knows that an Orange County and sambar Dino county riverside county have banded together they've written a letter to the governor and they seem to be implicitly threatening some litigation here is the revolutionary spirit the sweeping through the Golden State right now the protests are getting larger and larger there are churches opened their doors in defiance of the governor there are counties go ahead said we're not going to follow the rules riverside county which is a very large county with millions of people in the Inland Empire the sheriff in riverside county said my share of are not now going to enforce the governor's orders anymore and as far as I'm concerned open it up in the restaurants are doing at all practicing common sense because they're all scared by the media commonsense masks social distancing all the same things that are happening at Walmart target or shut down and scores we can see we look at Georgia we look at Sweden we look at Texas Tennessee Florida and Florida Georgia and what did the media say they said Georgia was going to be erupt R. yeah it was gonna be this center of the world it was a monster and we don't we we see the opposite we actually see the number of factions going down the number of deaths going down show me clear results I have been proven wrong by the data now we have data and it does it we have to be honest would we see blue state officials blue blue state local officials all kind of dragging their feet on reopening we have to consider the political motivations and there there there's three of all one is they want mail in voting to cheat right and this is a great keeping the lockdown gold going help strengthen the case for mail in voting as we get closer to November they want to keep Joe Biden locked in the basement and the more we the lockdown.

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