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In colorado and and boulevard but not a big backup rest of the drive wide open including two seventy across commerce city and no delays on 225 across aurora cbs 4 weather partly sunny with a high fifty five partly cloudy tonight low thirty four tomorrow partly sunny fifty eight for the high little cooler sunday sunshine forty seven right now 55 this report sponsored by unbound dot org when you sponsor through unbound nunly opened the door to education for young person you are in power a family to build a foundation of financial stability empowerment and respect see your contribution grow into opportunity at unbound dot org for more realtime traffic updates on your route download the new total traffic app powered by traffic karma i'm rick morgan on koa newsradio colorado's news traffic and weather station to start the d r horton's launching their season of new savings event which offers special incentives on a limited number of homes select communities near you these incentives could save you up to forty thousand dollars off your new all peace offers vary by community movin ready homes available see sales agent for details to learn more about this season of new savings event visit d dr horton dot com and discovered the d our organ difference dr r horton america's builder and equal housing opportunity builder costa goes dan we keep our friends close with this happy groundhog day on our next to coasttocoast program i'm looking forward to our friday night into saturday morning show special guest and none of course those special open lines on coast to coast am were just about anything can happen so tune in we keep our enemies closer coast to coast.

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