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Stephanie Davis for W W. J News Radio 9 50 on this Saturday. Showers are expected this afternoon and high will be around 80. Some heavier rain possible tonight into tomorrow. Complete, accurate forecast coming up already. Thank you, Carl Bobinsky current temperature. How did to the airport this time around? We're at 71 degrees, and mostly cloudy skies will update traffic and weather together in just a bit here at 108 W W J NEWS time. 105 students and others who may have come in contact with the South lie in high school student are being contacted after AH positive Cove it 19 test. The student participated in a sports conditioning session earlier in the week. In a letter to parents, the superintendent says the student participated in school activities Wednesday morning. All South Lyon high School activities have been cancelled, and the number of confirmed cases of the Corona virus in Michigan went over 81,000 on Friday, when the Health Department reported 734 new cases. Eight additional deaths were reported, bringing the total number of residents who have lost their lives due to the virus to 6199% of positive tests remains at around 3.5%. State officials also reported 438 people hospitalized with the virus. The corona virus, meantime, is causing blood clots in some patients. And a Warren woman is sharing her story as she continues to heal more than three months after contracting the virus back pain, sent Marianne Berg into ST John McComb Hospital in mid April, but it turned out to be something different to large blood clot on both lungs, and it was a virus in the blood Cloud Farm. A 70 year old who tested positive for Cove in 19 had to undergo an emergency procedure to treat her blood clots. Bergen's grateful of the doctors figured out her problem. Some doctors would not have caught that and I might have died. Bergen wasn't able to tell her husband what was happening to her because he was being taken from the hospital to a nursing home. To continue his healing after contracting the Corona virus from the Delta Dental Health Desk. Dr Deanna Lights the W. Jang News Radio, 9 51 07 is our time freedom for in Oakland County teen who was sent to a juvenile center for violating her probation by not doing her online school work. You're in the Corona virus Pandemic. WW Jay's legal analyst Charlie Langton, reports the Michigan Court of Appeals Order the immediate release of the 15 year old On Friday There was no reason given for the Court of Appeals order. Also, the Court of Appeals wants the parties to consider the judge's decision on its merits. But for right now, Grace is out of Children's village and she is home with her mother. Remember? Out of the last hearing that we heard it was the mother who said that she couldn't control grace that Grace beat her up A times and grace violated the terms of the probation. And yet now Grace is back with the mother. And this is a total change of pace, The student's mother says. They are both extremely and deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support from around the country and for Grace's release, a statement says the team is anxious to be with her family. W W J News time Now. Wanna wait? It is time for traffic and weather together. We do this every 10 minutes on the eight. Let's head right out to the roadway. Check in now, With Abby Ryan heads up. There is a total closure of I 94. Eastbound, gracious.

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