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Who's going to be doing the suing? Yeah, who are they claiming they are? Well, because I guarantee you, it's just a guy. It's not it turns out it probably is. They were definitely pointing them to the direction of the holy Trinity church by suggesting that they make the donation there. Right. There was a group called Christian concern that everybody thought it was. Maybe they claimed responsibility or something. As groups do in these instances, but no, apparently it wasn't them either. They're still trying to figure it out. It's just a guy. And I'll tell you, I'll tell you what else too. What? If this little cafe doesn't create a 12 foot banner that says home of the cheeses Christ. And put that up. And then underneath that, just write so sue me or whatever. Yeah. They are doing it wrong. Exactly. And it sounds like a delicious sandwich. Also, they need to add it to the menu, the oh my cod, sandwich, they need to, they need to lean into this heavily. There needs to be like the fishes of men. Yeah. Exactly. The father's son and the holy shit, that's good pastrami. Or the holy crust. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, the Jesus Christ, it's a sandwich with caramelized onion, onion chutney, mature Cheddar, and mozzarella cheese. Sounds delicious. I do hear that. Toasted, I imagine? Sure. It better be. Otherwise, look, I love cheese, but cheese doesn't really hit its stride until you melt it. So, it sounds, I mean, it would have to be a melted cheese sandwich. It would have to be. It would have to be. They'd be fools. It's gotta be a grilled panini or something. Anyway, all right, well, I wish them good luck with and I hope they do get sued. That sounds delightful. Oh, I would love it. Because they're little religious feelings are hurt. I love those laws. Yeah. All right, well, so speaking of law, listeners to our show may have heard of a thing called the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Unfortunately, a failed institution, but they're nonetheless. I didn't think that it would be that you'd ever be able to look at the Supreme Court of the United States and think, well, that's just a shit show. But there it is. Anyway, there was an interesting incident reported in Rolling Stone this week that occurred where a conservative YouTuber was live streaming out in front of the scotus building. The Supreme Court building, and happened to be talking to a Christian nationalist named Peggy naber, who is executive director of a group called Christian group liberty council. Or she's director of D.C. ministry, which isn't an extension of Christian group liberty council, which is, of course, a very conservative group. It sounds like it. And they have her little ministry has an office right behind the Supreme Court building. They are there to do activist Christian work. That is that they are conservative Christian activists, and this woman believe not knowing that she was being recorded. As she talked to this YouTuber, she very clearly said that she has prayed with and praise with Supreme Court Justices. Now,

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