Nancy Pelosi, President Trump, Associated Press discussed on Larry Elder


Pastor ripped up the cease and desist letter obviously inspired by Nancy Pelosi's ripping up the president's state of the union speech kidding about that and he says that it's time to make some noise to get church is open again N. turns out according to the Associated Press four thousand three hundred virus patients were set to nursing homes before the governor rescinded the order that he made in March the first real quickly you know I have a movie coming out on the nineteenth is called uncle Tom you'll hear a lot more about it as the day approaches but someone saw the trailers we have up at your uncle Tom dot com there three thirty second trailers any tweet at this looking forward to uncle Tom my name in front of it my my Twitter handle which is at Larry elder looking forward to uncle Tom Heaton put quotations around it and Twitter restricted his account for posting hateful content I kid you not all he would say very old looking for dunkle Tommy looking forward to seeing your movie you may not promote violence against threaten.

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