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With living account plans and more inside sales force quip dot com slash radio I'm David Brancaccio New York both houses of Congress have reached a compromise and president trump said he will sign a budget deal that increases federal spending by three hundred twenty billion dollars it also removes the federal debt ceiling at least for the next presidential election this means government borrowing already all the rage among many Republicans and Democrats becomes even easier separately the executive branch today is unveiling a new approach to cutting federal spending by affected Lee making fewer low income people eligible for food stamps specifically the proposed rules would change the way individual states decide who was eligible the net effect of this if it goes through three million people would no longer be eligible marketplace Justin hope is following this Justin right now states are allowed to enroll people in food stamps if there are also eligible for other federal aid programs and some of those programs have slightly higher income eligibility limits than the federal limit for food stamps so this new rule would cut back states abilities to use those other programs in order to sign people up for food stamps making it harder to qualify all right what's the trump administration's argument for changing the policy well the USDA says cutting benefits for three million people would save the government about two and a half billion dollars a year agriculture sector it secretary Sonny Perdue said it's also a fairness issue that states are exploiting when he calls a loophole to get more people on food stamps but Stacy dean at the center on budget and prior by policy priorities says the people who will lose access are mostly people who live in working poor households but earned just enough to call this qualify them from the food stamp cut off maybe they took an extra shift at work and step put them just above the federal income rule plus federal rules limit how much savings people can have in the bank in order to get food stamps some states let people save more Davis says the new proposal would enforce that lower federal limit and that could discourage recipients from saving the details of this are expected later today and the rule wouldn't go into effect for at least two months all right market place's Justin her thank you let us do the numbers.

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