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The hearing is going on Capitol Hill were keeping one ear on that. I'll update you on that as we go, so far, no fireworks. But I'll update you right now. Let's go to the phones. Let's go to Donna in Frederick done. You're on the Chris Plante show. Right. Chris. I wanted to you that you know, you've often said the most of power is power to ignore. And we're seeing that with propaganda designed this guy journalism, but the burning question in the minds on sure sixty three million Americans voted for Trump is there. Obstruction of where Moeller deliberately omitted information in that report. And that question is what they don't bomb and Hillary Clinton. And when did they know it? You know, I gotta say that is a very important question. Donna, and because this whole thing beats the plan Pattro door. We played the audio of Ben Rhodes deputy national security advisor to Obama yesterday who was squirming like a toad and and couldn't answer. Well, no, we know that we've owned about in the newspaper, and he was just jumping out of his skin trying to get away from these questions. It was obvious that this was a very uncomfortable question for him. And obviously, I mean, I think it's obvious that the FBI the Justice department don't launch a a surveillance operation against the opposing parties presidential campaign and leave the president out of it. You just don't know that's not plausible deniability. This is not area fifty one. This is not some Hollywood movie. The president is in the loop when his intelligence and law enforcement apparatus are targeting the opposing parties political campaign, and Donna. Why would we believe they weren't also spying on other Republicans on.

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