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They are because i'm gonna find they're going to be walking street but they they do live there right and they do yeah to go find their recording studio in every no i wasn't i was fourteen windmill lane is now did you look up their tour dates and be like oh no they're in cleveland or you know talking to phoebe robinson and the tour manager the luminaires on this day of course they're not an ireland but but back then it could be that maybe i'll get lucky how would that have been if you just wandered into a pub and there's been oboe just would've broken membrane yeah yeah wow so you got into unforgettable fire how did you feel like a couple years later when they burst open to the world greats yeah so i saw them i also saw them at the amnesty international concert at giants stadium is that the one with the police for mentioned and i i was disappointed this is how dumb i was at that time sting didn't wear like a bumblebee outfit no it it was advertised well of course just wanted but it was advertised as a sting set and he comes out and is only doing police on you were saying i wanna dream tweets turtles branford marsalis i was like seriously all going to be police songs sitting because i love the police and then i like i really i really love that that's a great album but it was it was so exciting that he was back with the police though but that was together for dream blue turtles was great and that rumour rain on the night that live it's amazing videotape night videotape of that police that amnesty concert over and over and over again i used to watch like stewart copeland's drumming style like he's he he holds the drums in this weird insane way and he's oh man was stewart copeland's assistant for a while.

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