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Foreign tourists, the president of Sri Lanka will also be with foreign diplomats to seek international assistance, citing intelligence agencies that report international groups were involved in the bombings spoke with CBS military analyst retired army Colonel Jeff macaws Lynn about violence in that area. And Islam extremists. Nick, they will celebrate the anniversary of the end of the civil war between the Tamil minority and the majority Sinhalese Buddhist Tamils being cooperation of Muslim Hindu and actually the Muslim population. The country is around ten percent or so so that not extreme depending on a group called the national though with. Which is a splinter group of a large organization that had distanced itself such as this, but it would appear based on how many attack occurred how well coordinated type of explosive. Splinter group likely got assistance from somewhere outside who that might be. Most people are thinking could be ISIS there, obviously was a lot of planning that went into this. It clearly they knew where they wanted to hit. And when they wanted to hit coinciding with Easter. So this was was certainly something that didn't just happen. Spur of the moment. Not at all. Seven suicide bombers total bomb went off three against Christian churches, luxury hotels on the side. Of course, being the Easter holiday weekend expectation, be larger groups of worshipers, very soft target to keep in mind. Whether you are doing a bombing like this. Burning churches in Louisiana or carrying gasoline into Saint Patrick's cathedral trying to do is to terrorize. International recognition. What what you're doing? And so the seeds of fishers and divide between either ethnic or religious groups clue that was their intent this attack killed more people in one single attack attack. I believe since September eleventh two thousand and what they've been many arrests as well. As those who are killed some were arrested. How much information can we expect to learn from those who may have been part of this? I would guess that they wouldn't want to give up too much information. Again, that's up to the police intelligence services, one of the worrying aspects of this apparently that the government was alerted as far back as two weeks ago, and even a few days prior to the attack some type of terrorist attack was in the offing. Or it was not going to be very severe did not take action. So they'll be spurred to try to get more information quickly. Because right now a lot of people are complaining they didn't act on the intelligence. They already have president Tom also given military sweeping powers to provide security in that area. Now on eastern San Diego parisioners at one church. Bring it action and tackled. The woman who would entered holding a baby and a handgun after Benjamin. Within says the woman appeared to be on a mission to get yourself hurt and says the congregation was not fazed by the apparent threat to peace on the whole place. Screaming or shouting or anything like that? And you can just leave and then people outside and praying for safety protection turns out that gun was not loaded on a Kanchi was arrested her baby and five year old daughter found during a follow up investigation. Both of them appear to be healthy and on hurt. There were celebrations for Easter in Paris in the shadow of Notre Dame cathedral gutted by fire last week ABC's. Julia McFarland tells us the holiday in the city was missing something else. Notre Dame's bells. Time in centuries on the most sacred Christians. Silence. Beloved.

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