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Let's try that stuff. Okay i was looking for that type of stuff. that's good. that's what i want now. We know that you're war time. He was supposed to come on. We had a muted. We said hey. Listen jason mcafee. Who is a part of the mcafee family who now is being run bottom rung on drug under new leadership. He had him muted the entire time. Which is a damn shame. Because i can't wait to hear what this guy has super bowl champion fan of celsius. How could you not be. Ladies and gentlemen scotty miller. Scotty i saw you take the airpods out. That's probably because you potentially thought it was your phone it while it was our fault got. This is our fault. Yeah we learned after you got art. We apologized atop based on my wife. Afterwards she she could hear me whenever whenever we get a chance to chat with somebody like you. I think we get excited. Because you're a guy who not only has his celsius like we do but the explosive plays that you made this year coming out absolutely nowhere and then we see you boat parade party and having a good time if feels like you're the perfect glue guy almost for the locker room. You make great. Plays seems like everybody likes you. What is it been like being you know thrusted into a vital part of a locker room especially the tampa bay buccaneers. Because i think that's why i like you so much. I wish i'd be on the same team as you like i with. Aj what is it like in that buccaneers locker room. And how's your experience. Been down there. It's been great. I mean i try to. I try to lay low a little bit. We got some big top characters. We've got in. They're always running around like a maniac. got break trolling. Everybody in their. Y'all know him too well but he's always a funny guy. We've got a good group of guys in school. Because i don't know if a lot of other teams do us but a lot of guys stay tampa lived his all able to hang out in the offseason. Might times like this. Just get to know each other really well. I actually had everybody was. Oh i don't know how everyone memorial day weekend ended up at my house. I don't know how that happened. Because i definitely had nearly as nicer houses all these other. That's why i got like this. Little pool basically looks like a hot tub and we got gronk. Oj all these massive news playing pool basketball and by the time everyone loved there was about. I mean there was no pool. Bit escape parts. That's awesome see. That makes me believe everything i said. They go into that questions. One hundred percent right. The team is tight down there. You guys just want a super bowl now the big conversation around the buccaneers only. Can you go undefeated but these. Ota's hey. Tom's got his team be as got his team. All right. mpa said hey. Some of those mother fuckers over there they don't even know they're competing for a spot. And i feel like whenever the tom group showed up at the mandatory. Ota's everybody went up above and beyond to showcase like. Hey we're in shape all right. Take it easy because as come out and said i'm beat the shit out. That's exactly what he said he was alive. He was lying. That's kind of been his entire thing. What did you do there. Because i assume tom and everybody setting up Workouts and everything. You have to be there for that. I assume you're also guys like. Ba gave me an opportunity. Here is i. Don't wanna say fuck you to that. How did you handle that whole situation. Yes so unique. I had something on my body. This offseason So i was actually rehabbing at the facility while all the guys are doing. Ota's so she didn't go to any sessoms with tom. This offseason root for them and all that group of guys over there. Cg and everybody all the skill guys. I think last year we we. We wanted to build on something that we did last year when tom came to town. We're getting together to three times a week at a local high school And we just love that foundation we built. So i think tom wanted to. Just keep going on that work last year. So why not do it again. I think was was tom's mindset. Chauffeur me did break. Our bodies house that worked to one super bowl. Hopefully he does it again this year. We'll see i don't know Boy eso for me. If i was healthy probably would have been time. I and you gotta you gotta be with the quarterback if he was at this at whatever wherever he would have been i would have been But that's kind of how everyone thinks. Unless you're a new guy like i said hopefully i'm not one of those guys who's dog about but think that's kinda everyone feels but the i think it works out we are. We had our minicamp. It went really. Well we do to feel so have the guys. I want to get a ton of wraps but worked out really well. Everyone was in good shape working out just like you would expect so it was good going back to those workouts. You guys did last off season. He said he got together. Two or three times with tomek. How valuable were those guys. How are they run. You have like a little stretch line. Is it organized. How do you do it. Yeah Really organized by tom. I remember the first time. Cg had sex may. Chris cowan texts me and was like We're about to throw at tom tomorrow morning. And i'm like whoa. Tom brady sleep early tonight. Which is like crazy to beat him for the first time lows while but really organized ag. Alex guerrero. tom's Tom's like right hand guy. I'm so you guys know him. He's there with tom kinda getting. Tom warmed up on our own. And that tom just runs the show. It's like a practice. Basically it's routes on air. But it's i mean what he's calling the play a lineup You know 'cause out the defense that type of thing so and they've been lasted much. Db's come out to and we're almost running half line drills so like we're getting after pretty good i think that's just a testament..

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