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More you you hit on it. Mobile Gorens only played one full season so there is some positive concerns there and if this one to me really could get interesting over the next couple of weeks they have been raving about Austin cler Justin Jackson whether guys to what are you hearing about. Trent Williams left tackle for the well it just this doesn't look like this is this is GonNa work for the two sides. I mean clearly there are teams calling the redskins about Trent Williams availability and trade to be Bill O'Callaghan their veteran coach. He certainly is panicking somewhat. Remember when certain wings is on the field when the top two or three left tackle football. Who did they draft in the first round this year? dwayne has quarterback a typical pocket quarterback if we ask them to get on the field ending this year it's not going to be good even though they they just signed Donald Penn without Williams air and I think they got problems and I think he also is trading this one. This one is really difficult from a standpoint. You can have a disagreement agreement over money at some point reasonable minds can figure out solution if he doesn't trust the organization in the medical department. That's a tough bridge across I. I'm just GONNA put it plainly in troy wounds not there. I I don't see Jay route led a lesson passage. That's how good he is. As all willy noted biggest story of Redskins camp time to check in on the defending Super Bowl Champs at camp in Foxborough Massachusetts that super bowl winning defense interns largely largely intact Starters Return Way T._V. Twelve speaking for the First Time Today a fixture at Patriots Camp Gamp Tom Brady and also Mike Reese.

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