Vista, New York Times, CNN discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist - Wednesday 6 September


Most bisi job's done that when you keep your coffee in the morning that lovely spanish or french person who's willing to serve in that jolly way is other not that was replaced by some surly english persons be pushed into doing it at night and let's say leave that vista there for the moments at you've picked him of story out of the day the online edition of the new york times at a tricky episode for cnn yeah very embarrassing this up for cnn the new york times reports that the the chiefs of investigation bureau uh cnn investigates is actually being investigated itself the paper reports that it's being reshaped on the focus is being narrowed and this is due to a couple of all cicles that uh one of which um the cnn investigates has had to retract the other which they've had to seriously correct other retracted article for instance concerns anthony scaramucci the former white house director communications who are the paper alleged ruining the article was connected with an investment fund that was being investigated by the senate for connections with russia as a say that had to retract that this is very embarrassing especially as cnn along with a loss of publications have been trying to fought to fight fake news and put themselves forward as the antidote to bright balls and all those a mole questionable news channel eight is of particularly interesting time for for cnn and indeed the new york times in which and this this piece is is is published at becoming as they have been kind of like that that the flagbearers particularly cnn of the anti trump movements and and mean it to watch particularly again as i say cnn's coverage and they have obviously become at quite that that the whipping boy the trump administration we seen can of an internet memes being shared of a of a mom or the cnn logo on his head being a bizarre way a train really bizarre stuff.

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