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Life and you know school and but then I was going to give a little bit of advice and it's different giving a fourteen year old a motivational talk. That is with anyone else because I'll do businesses or I'll do college kids but he's fourteen and I'm sitting next to Kaitlin my girlfriend at the bar when we're doing this and so when I you'll hear me say this is what you can get. I put the camera on Caitlyn. But here you go. This is me talking to Kaitlin. Hey here's the thing. When I was your age I was just like you and I stay focused and I worked hard and froze their okay. We got your back. Sorry real bad internet data. When I was your age I was just like you worked hard and this is what I got whenever I finally so you can have that to keep working hard. I see your shirt there. Oh you both enjoy so Kayla too. But I was showing him 'cause I I was a nerdy kid as I keep working hard. You get your girlfriend but hopefully that made his birthday a little better but oh. I'm sure it did. That was super bowl of you to notice that and reach out to him and then he added pin majority Kayla on it was. It was a great thing so well and what you're doing is the exact definition of him. Enjoy your spreading joy to someone on their birthday when it wasn't probably birthday envision themselves having? Yeah he was a little bummed. Yeah I mean I was a little bombed and I'm an adult man when I was quarantined for my birthday but I can only imagine being a kid. Kate and if you're listening to the happy birthday but own we forgot to update the draft. We draft on our show every Monday a him. That update bobby bones show traffic update the category was your favorite sounds and for the first time all season Amy. One one of these. Look at this time. You're the draft champion. Yeah first time this year so feels pretty good. What three sounds draft? I think Flowing water flowing crackling campfire and popcorn popping. Look at you. Amy Now has one point. She is on the board. I finished dead a last and with that. I'll be out next week but I'm happy to be out amy. I'm happy you one. Raymundo having coming up Monday yeah. I don't recall how the winnings go with this. Do but do I get my winning song. No no one so. She doesn't know how this works. I don't even know okay so you just you just take the win. But then next week I get to first or so. No Rego's for moves around the room. So Ray we'll get a win. I get to play next week to play. I do not get to play. Okay all right. So Eddie suggests that we all bring something in today kind of like a show and tell but from the Internet the best thing on the Internet Eddie. Since this is your segment I will let you go first sometimes bones. You find something and you're like it's so good that you wanNA share with everyone so I've been to my family. I found a video of a dad and his kid and the kid probably ten years old and the dad sitting there asking the Kid. A bunch of financial questions and the kid is just nailing unlike what is debt what is equity. What is all this and this kid is like so smart with money? It's hilarious okay. We'll things that bring money to a bank account ability. These are things that take out your bank account. North ship is to become an entrepreneur was entrepreneurship as a process of setting up a business. Financial Risk Entrepreneur national organizers and operates the business businesses also spoke from me me. Komo that is great. How old is like nine or ten? I would think probably about ten years old. Yeah Oh my gosh. That is amazing. Also depressing at the same time. I'm here at home. My nine year old like how many pennies are in a quarter. I thought you were going to go five. You're at home going. I also don't know what an entrepreneur as been an entrepreneur in my life. I'll do my mind. It's not it doesn't make me smile but it was really the craziest thing that I saw on the Internet and Eddie sent me this. I pulled the video of all of these ufo. The navy release three new videos of unidentified aerial phenomena. And they're nutty and ought to play for you or the pilots that are seeing it and they'll go guys. It's moving way too fast being American airplane this here. Here's the clip. On going against the Windsor Hudson River to the navy pilot said the object for one full speed into the wind rotated in the air and then quickly sped off the conclusion. If he asked me aliens. There you have it here. I've never seen anything like this mighty and I were just talking about. What do you think it is my aliens? Yeah we all agree. That's IT Corona and aliens at the same time. What in the world is twenty? Twenty is a crazy year. Look for we'll put it up a bobby bones dot COM amy. What did you bring? Okay so mine is an instagram account. That you gotta follow if you like cute babies and precious dogs because I mean that's the content. We need right now instead of just corona virus all the time so the couple that runs this account they had this golden doodle named Samson and they probably had I don't know a couple of hundred thousand followers before corona virus. Now they're about to hit seven hundred thousand because in the past few weeks everybody wants to look at these doodles and their brand new baby because the doodle like cuddles with the baby. And it's the craziest thing ever seen. What's the account people can follow Samson that Dude Like D. O. D. FOR DOODLE? Okay there you go. Let's go over to lunchbox. What do you have is watching the NFL draft this week in? It's the last round and this Guy Steven solvent homeless as a kid. Both parents are in jail he goes to Lsu and he doesn't think he's going to get drafted and near the end of the seventh round. He gets a call from the Seattle seahawks and he thinks it's a prank call and his reaction is awesome. Because no I am. I'm the GM for the hawks. You'RE GONNA come can be with Dr King. Go ahead coast to coast lease. No we're selecting right here buddy. We got your dog. You come to come to Seattle. That's awesome all right all right all right. Let's do one more Morgan. Do you have something you brought from the Internet. So it's one hundred and one year old woman. She lived through the nineteen eighteen Spanish flu. She beat cancer and now she's beating the corona virus so she's literally a superhuman. Whoa Dang. That's awesome. That's the triple crown boys. That's awesome how I was reading a story about the nineteen eighteen flu and they had their version of what they call. The doctor felt she. Then where nine thousand eighteen. The Guy was like you have to wear masks. And you have to be social distancing a different term. He used but everybody was like. You're out of your mind. But he's what saved people from that flew just enveloping. Everybody and they were like nine thousand. Nine hundred Dr. Chee look it up. If you want to read a fascinating article it really was is a so many parallels and the guy and they made a political back then to all the stuff he was saying but he was like no. I'm just using science. And he saved a bunch of people's lives crazy. Morgan thank you for that story Eddie. Good segment my friend. Thank you man. Read this article and it interests me because headphones all the time. The main reason for hearing loss nowadays is constant headphone use. Now Mine is in a different capacity because I wear them to work. It probably not as loud as if you listen to music all day in them. But it's like hey if you ever headphones yeah. I was listening to Music. Like keep it at sixty percent of the volume. And then if you're traveling and you have them on our you take them off for like ten minutes. I'll give your ears and a chance to catch up. My son loves to listen to things. Way Too loud and my husband freaks out because my husband's a pilot and he would love nothing more than our sun to grow up and be a pilot and he knows hearing is a big thing and he doesn't want him to ruin his ears. Well that's odd 'cause I listen to loud music. Sometimes in your husband never cared about. My Ears. Already developed Questions you don't want to be a pilot. Maybe I still think I could do that. Okay okay let's go over to amy because the pile is coming up next. What's inside that pile? A celebrity just dropped a thirty six million.

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