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Is a man Her spirit come down from the rocks. I'm a man. All right, just like you, but I've had a miraculous escape. And now I find myself here in your Valley Valley's Valley come either. Let me think of you certainly hear my my arm and my face. You see, I'm indeed a man like yourself. My my lips move with speech You feel Oh, careful there gently on the eyes. I I'm strange. Well this career and you care for you. You feel the eyelids fluttered. He is, but he's perfectly farm some strange burnish their unseen No, No, Your eyes are shrunken in but mine are whole Eiken See? See He's a strange wild when where does he come from about out of the rock? No, from over the mountains out of the country. Beyond there were men, Khun See from Bogota, whether 100,000 people in the city stretches out of sight. Site. Strange words uses without meaning and feel the costume service here. And you have come into the world into But no out of the world. The big world Beyond the mountains, the world that stretches 12 days journey to the sea Father's men maybe need by forces of nature. Is the warmth of things and moisture and let us lead him to the You don't have to leave me. I can see See? Yes, of course. I didn't see your water bucket. His senses are still in perfect stumbles and talks meaningless words. Leading by But look, I Oh, well, all.

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