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Austin ninety nine point seven FM. A strategy session of the White House. I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News. Senate Republicans will go there to meet with the President Trump and about a half hour after the house force their hand, let's come together and actually build the border security wall and fulfill a fundamental promise we made the American people GOP congressman Jim Jordan spending Bill the house approved includes more than five billion dollars in wall funding. The Senate version does not and then a critic leader Chuck Schumer says it will not President Trump was throwing temper tantrum, and creating the Trump shutdown of the government. President Trump tweeted it'll be a democrat shutdown that will last very long time, and it would start tonight the president needs to find a new Defense Secretary. Jim Mattis will retire in February he submitted his letter the day after President Trump said he'd pull all US troops out of Syria. Declare we beat ISIS badly. The president also wants to reduce our force in Afghanistan. Fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington. Dave after more than seventeen years of war up to half of the fourteen thousand American troops serving in Afghanistan and could be pulled out of the country by this summer. The Pentagon developing plans for a change in strategy which was aimed at forcing a Taliban to the peace table. President Trump has long pushed for US troops. Elite Afghanistan considering the war to be a lost. Cause Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says withdrawing US troops. It'd be a high risk strategy that could pave the way toward a second nine eleven Dave Rachel a terror suspect. French authorities say helped organize the deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in two thousand fifteen has been arrested in Djibouti Peter Sharieff was once captured by US troops in Iraq in two thousand four then escaped prison. There was recaptured in Syria and deported to France and had been on the run since twenty eleven the economy grew a little less than I thought over the summer the government slightly reduced third quarter GDP growth from three and a half percent of three point four on Wall Street. The Dow is rebounding up one hundred points..

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