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Publisher, Donald Trump, America discussed on John Batchelor


Because I don't tell you I tell you the truth I don't try to mince a word here I signed the deal before I got sick with my publisher who did all of my great last great books all of them and the title was trump's fight for America the battle continues on Michael savage and as time went on I got very uncomfortable with the title and I insisted it be changed and we've changed it to our fight for America I don't have to say another word our fight for America do I have to explain why I change the title does that say it all I will vote for the president because I never voted for that other dunce and what comes after that we could you imagine you know I think someone said something interesting to me yesterday during all of this may have she said that if Hillary Clinton were president she wouldn't let these rights get out of control she would've been tougher than trump I said what do you mean tougher should R. are you kidding her bill you think that they wouldn't put them down like like the feral animals that they are they would have probably hit squads in the streets taking up the leaders if they ever got that far I said I don't know maybe all right she said Hillary Clinton would not have let these riots get as far as they got never no I don't know whether that's true or false but I know nothing was done basically a poor police were outgunned outmanned they had their hands behind their back the mayor's shackle them the bold M. K. provides them turn them into into chickens without beaks and claws and the young the vermin took advantage of the weakness of the police.

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