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Suddenly is at the border in Tijuana is not far away and they charged over and US border patrol agents used tear gas to disperse hundreds of these guys are from Honduras, originally, hundreds of Central American migrants at the Mexican city of Tijuana made a rush for the border fence as tensions build over the diminishing prospects for asylum seekers trying to enter the country, I'm reading from the Wall Street Journal which remembers very pro illegal immigration. They don't care about the rule of law. They just want those cheap workers for their businesses and their yawn. Lawns and stuff. That's why the Wall Street Journal with their kind of business centered agenda is so in favor of illegal immigration. It's just wrong. It's just wrong. Because the rule of law is important. You wanna make good laws laws that led us control the border? So they put on a picture, which I think will probably win the Pulitzer prize. Can you put up this picture? Yes. It's it's a woman carrying her children away from the tear gas. You see the tear gas and see this poor woman with report children running away from the tear gas. It would take a heart of stone. Not to break. It is terrible. It's telling you that if this picture doesn't win the Pulitzer prize. I'll be shocked if you look in the background all the rest of the guys are there. They're all men all men. So the whole thing is an illusion. And this photographer is falling for the allusion because he's an artist. That's why and he likes the emotions that are called up by this picture. So let's go to Rodney Scott Rodney Scott as the chief patrol agent the border patrol in San Diego, and he's on CNN. And he's describing what it was really like for his guys. Is as this invasion took place. I kind of challenge that this was a peaceful protest or the the majority of these people are claiming Silom we'd didn't making about forty two arrests. Only eight of those were females and there were only a few children involved. The vast majority of the people were dealing with adult males similar to what we saw the first wave of the caravan came up about a week or so ago, the group immediately started throwing rocks debris it our at our agents. Taunting the agents once our agents were assaulted, and the numbers started growing, we had you know, two or three agents at a time initially facing hundreds of people to time they deployed tear gas to protect themselves to protect the border. So Ana Navarro who is always I think she always says, she's a Republican. She's obviously a leftist she's on CNN, and they ask her about what this guy just said. I mean, this is a law a law enforcement officer who's telling he was attacked with rocks. There were mostly men. They families were put out there to for the purpose. Of creating images, and they ask Ana Navarro what she thinks of his response find that to be a compelling answer from chief Scott about the use of tear-gas, which was essentially look our job is to protect the border by the time. They're here or through the fence. What are we supposed to do in his claim was that most of the people storming the fence were men, not the women and children that we've seen in the pictures? Look. There are no easy answers here. And it's a very difficult situation a very complicated situation. I I don't find that a compelling answer. I you know, we have seen the images of the children in their women. And there has got to be pragmatic and compassionate Asser here that is not involved teargassing children..

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