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You know having high saturated fat diet is associated with a lot of cardiovascular problems now if you look go around the world and you look at the centenarian pillar none of them have high fat now the okinawa's not the loma linda now the indians collaborations now the costa ricans and not the people in greece in so yes so then you have to say the animal data doesn't support it that'd be them logical data doesn't support the centenarian data doesn't support it the basic the basic sort of doesn't support it there is really in the clinical randomized clinical study design support it saw you have to say well in thirty years when you have two hundred more studies all supporting this which would be almost impossible because it's all ready so much negative data on so it not not worth it now worth to go in that direction you can do as well by being on a low sugar low starch high carbohydrate diet and is there anything people they like to say bad carb good car right it's about again same as fat it's about sugars and starches pasta bread is not about carbs carbs contained in lagoons and the cubs contains in vegetables are excellent carbs and even the ones starches if you have if you maintain relatively law it's fine it makes your your diet more enjoyable and so if you have fifty grams of pasta rice that's perfectly fine if you have one hundred and twenty grams of that then you start to get into the problems all right so so i think that that these really must start applying is five pillar or an f i bill people are gonna have seven pillars you know whatever they want but certainly.

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