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Been so spoiled this season. I mean despite what's happening around the world the awful tragedies And in this country especially but just the drag that we've been getting to witness right that we wouldn't have normally witnessed something about darkness that brings out light and creativity and grit and people insisting on it. So I you know drag Queen Story our being one of them and then obviously digital drag and celebrity drag race all stars announcement all of this. Oh did that come out now. I guess we should talk about that soon. We will talk about that soon but just to give our Mary's a little a little preview. I died. Went on Jonah said traffic. Well I'm going to save it all for probably a nuance episode so I'll save it for then. All right. Mary Save the best for last. Vanessa Williams yes yes just a couple cookies for Santa just for him a lovely cheese pizza just for me seven dollars for poopers remix right there. Eight months too early but no big deal. Whatever time doesn't exist anymore? No it doesn't know What is what is it Lantis line. I have to say I have to say it. I I have no concept. I say because she thinks that I have no concept of time other than it is flying love her. Oh yes all right. They said Atlanta I was like L. Anna windass happens every week. Durbin right Oh if I stop recording now I could start watching drag race in three minutes so three to one you know. I do want to say so idea of a now. I forgot what it's GonNa say something about Atlanta but I'm done compelling compelling radio folks well thanks for tuning in catch. Us Son regularly scheduled already Mary. We'll be back very shortly with more thoughts on season. Twelve of repulsed drag race and All Stars. Five repulsed right. Mary all right Mary Mary Mary Mary all right with eight. Bit Mary. All right break Mary..

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