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It's like to get someone in the back you it's two separate processes. You have the press thing that slides it forward and then pull the handle knowing which is not as bad as going the other way because the other way you have to hold the button until it moves all the way back. It doesn't just automatically return to where there's so many other companies where you just when you pull that lever in the backyard automatically activates the motor forward. There might be a setting. I haven't found okay. I've only done a light amount of playing. So don't take that one is gospel just yet because i've only done a little bit of playing But you know it's got the the bigger motor. It's feels quick. The turning radius of the two or is awesome is nice is it's real nice and i'm excited to take it on the trail. I think it looks great And it's it's it's comfortable. caesar maneuverable. Yeah it should great on the trail. Why wouldn't do awesome on. The trail was awesome on the trail foot with the looks on these. Because i remember the press photos. I didn't like them and when i saw the first one in metal the proportions looked better. It just like you see the curve. The way light reflects and the tutor looks really cool. I think the two-door looks great. If i if. I didn't really need the back seat all the time. The the two-door has substantially smaller trunk than the four door. That's the other thing if i didn't need the backseat all the time. 'cause like i tried. I put an adult back there. You can't do it six foot adult. Ken fit back there. You just can't hold that much stuff in the trunk. All go so I'm excited to have a go in that. It should be great You're driving the ridge line. This week i am. What's out in You know it's one of the practice trucks it's like it's a city truck. Kind of competes with if you're actually honest with yourself one hundred percent one hundred percent. It's if you need a vehicle that will carry things that you don't want to put in an interior like dirty stuff or bikes or would or whatever but you know that you are not caring thousands of pounds in the truck or towing it max telling on that is five thousand like if you know if you know yourself and you are really honest about what you do with a vehicle and what your life looks like any like the utilitarianism utility of a truck. But you know that there are limits to it. it's very good vehicle like it. Rides like a crossover. it's got independence pension. I believe three to file it with a bed. Right exactly pilot with a bed so it feels like a pilot with the bed. It feels like any modern. you know. unibody suv. And it rides nice. It's pretty quiet The honda santa cruz. I think rides a little bit nicer and definitely feels lighter and more agile. Part of that. Do the alignment wider track The hondas honda feels aged a little. Bit it just does. I mean i drove. I didn't i won't. I can't review the ridge line because ethically honda paid me to do an instagram activation at the detroit. Auto show fucking god. It must have been six years ago when this thing. I came out a long time ago. But i was paid to talk about this car so i i've never driven one. I can't really review one. And i won't review on because of ethical reasons but i did drive the pilot and i review and this i did it with thaddeus. That's how long ago this was. Wow do by five years. And i remember thinking five years ago. This feels a little old. Even then yeah. It feels like it doesn't feel like it's moving any balls for bars upward. You know whereas the santa cruz feels like a modern modern car rides and handles like we've come to expect of lifted vehicle of an suv. Where like why. Why is it so quiet. It's like silent this does it feels like okay. It's three point five. V6 honda's engineer bucks Yes that weird shift in the middle of the i do not let alone the buttons and things. Yes which are not really committed. They're not good and actually have been the light setting. I was on So i don't want to comment on that. But what i like about it is one. There's tons of space inside clever. Packaging clever storage. All over the place like it's a very very useful vehicle inside and out like the trunk in the bed is awesome. The bed opens the bed. Gate opens two different ways. That's brilliant there's all kinds of storage cubbies and shit and all the buttons in the center console. because it's kind of old are actual button whereas a lot of the stuff in the hyundai. Santa cruz are the capacity buttons which are annoying right so again. This is like a point to the ridge line in terms of just usability and probably reliability and function like you for wearing gloves or whatever. It's just easier to hit that stuff. And i just i don't. I don't know what their liabilities capacity button. So i can't see the way you'll pass it as buttons on the mccown and the the panama era. Why are they dislike. There's more separated in like easier to find I think part of it is the placement. When they're on that angled tablet and it's easier to go down than out. I agree on the dashboard. Yeah but i also so those. I think those capacity of buttons buttons that you press. It's not to find a radio exactly. You're changing the suspension mode or something like that. You don't do that like really on the fly that often you know right if it's if it's a feature that i don't use very often yeah mac correction If it's a feature don't use very often then short it looks stylish i'd do. It does look more futuristic and they needed to do something to sell it new car one but when it's like the temperature control or the volume. Your or as you point out in his Talk about the the. Gti your hvac. Controls are not lit up lit at all even at night and their capacity. So it's like something offer it all the time that you can't find. Yeah that's a big big oversight not. They're not backlit. So what is what it's dark. I don't know come on. Don't watches video on haggerty. you can't see how to adjust h. Back at night yeah. That can't be right. I i believe kameda but like that's got to be a mistake like the car that yeah maybe maybe the who would let that kind of out the door you who else would have any you out the door now. You're just going from all time. Well he has a fucking. He's got a couple of targets. A couple of things things in the u. I i just i like these trucks. Because they're just practical like if you don't if you don't need the full three quarter tonner full-sized truck if you really don't rise nice. It's it's much nicer to operate in town.

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