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Sabih the among the easiest conversations podcast interview so D- of the candidates Owen show you guys know there's always that moment where you go look Dan that has ever lived who's GonNa Watch this he's GonNa Freak out so look to the New York jets and of course super bowl world champion with the Oakland Raiders. Tab will make a big difference and I I just looked it will be part of this of this message now sure so my father but my father is going to be so happy that I'm speaking to you today the same thing every other day the NFL an owens with conservative perspective there has to be a link somewhere and congressional people they better shudder when they hear an owens is coming to the hill you know truth and that's what the left is not used to so I'm excited by knowing first of all I'm not I'm not the odd with the now finding out and once we get it when that ever going back and that's what the left is most concerned about and you realize that you can be the author of your own destiny and you're in the driver seat of your own life we learn history we I have so much pride and what countries giving us and we'll have between those great great Americans have paid the price they went out bill businesses built understood as strong as they did for the things they did I'm interested in the fact that you said you've been a conservative your whole oh KKK Jim Crow segregation and also proud Coletta country and across the middle class that country in in the into marriage he's not happy theoretical to me I lived it and so I grew up in a time when around the US all business respect women very important because if you don't do that you can forget everything else ever to be given a scholarship and I grew up in high so it's just that is actually one of my all time favorite movies I don't buy very many movies that went abroad sixteen years it was it was a tumultuous I mean we're too cautious coming together the practice field to whistling undergone the forest made a decision together who gonNa hang in we made a decision we committed to each other we hung in there and we did we had to do so it sales and that's well raised it for for over one hundred years until the leftist got in into lessons you are one of the most spoilt over privileged black people on the face of the planet to have ever to get started I'm going to ask you by a show of hands how many people believe that America is a more racial unrest and racial discrimination and you're saying America's a great country verse simply the first battleground is rewriting of history we're in a speech Alpe Compaq was the covenant between God and then in the rule of law thus beginning back fifty years ago and see guys that I used to fight with and and have issues with some of it's what we do is the natural and that's because we have this God centered culture that allows us each Serb each other notice always notice that those who and like an old days agree to disagree which is not happened today so the reason I just WanNa say there's one thing say as much as you want and we build our businesses we we were how here's a look at their future we're looking vacation look at at bobblehead nine eleven and also we see evil is at our doorstep once we see that America's and not knowing it allowed them to progressively Norway like little bull taking awhile for us to get here but we're finally waking up we are waking up we're realizing more that we can do for positive dreaming versus being negative and bemoaning worry from us you know we have done so many great things and we've also seen what happens when we I want all black Americans to know is just how good it feels to put down that I won't be able to do it because of racial unrest when you have like this conservative perspective -ociety and when you accept that suddenly it literally feels exactly like putting everybody you racists they might WanNa work with you on your ideas and some of your goals and the throughout our history these WanNa come here because this is a place of hope so place of second chances needed happen has failed to the process filled away to success because that's the way it works in together and that's the part that's not been taught is not been a black thing white thing or a Jewish thing because of him and I'm just so less when I know what he did what he accomplish that I have to a very evil man broke his mansion and she ended up he by age of corrals with them and they would southern route of on the ground roadway was had never known about time Heroes Hills Harriet tubman because not only did she escape but she had. I should've been surprised that there's a southern route if there's a northern route I mean that's where we are America's a Huli are no one hundred two acres of land paid off in two years started first Black Church first black elementary school make about we the people coming across his trip cross from it from from Africa that three was built against facility but by a Mexican and German Americans actual is that there's a guide heaven and that he's been looked after all this time then he had as he passed through being four a minute or two but a left an imprint imprint right well why people have done this evil injustice white Americans done this evil injustice of slavery to escape and then you hear this ridiculous now we've we've reached pick peak ridiculousness are you gonNA figure out who descends from the white Americans that freed the slaves and the estate strong enough our enemy has not been white supremacists has been blackie don't recognize again we've been an attack a long time real quick history I'm your business if you never felt that feeling and also you feel it you're GonNa Americans in our history in the United States Black Americans are greatest Americans Harvard Yale and Princeton combined and I can go to a Linda things that that that from all backgrounds all races come together because they believe that everyone should have a second chance on why should we walk around having this idea of understand we can move forward and thinking this should south here NWC's any NWC peace stars of Nineteen Ten national you too boss the little the little token and the front which is what they always do and he was the face he was I did not know that in nineteen in nineteen eighteen it was the white they did it for one year and they finally got it right but understand those guys are the track record of what the what the the the Black Congressional Congress does what they applauded the Black Caucus stood up and applauded when Obama announced more food stamps Dan if you look at every single urban city in which is black elitist countries Betas based on on harmony we the people come together didn't say we the black with a good way it is because we trust them but they use that wow that's really powerful sense so we've owned by Black People for twenty years now is owned by Viacom White Socialis in his little L. Kids that don't have a father because policies the Democratic Party policies don't have anti-family was going to have we have these kids that grow up stand on the sideline Beck and to be appreciative of course they're going to be little Marxist because they've been trained to be Marxist it's an an important place to pause because I had just said what happened to black counseled and inner city and I said to a black child today what do you WanNa be when you grow up how I didn't have a conversation that would like be civil that are so concerned for our communities will never be curtains and that goes to the Black Caucus the black caucus are nothing but a group of people that opportunists have a great retirement they're going to be flying all over the world first-class their kids always integrated schools color matter of fact most cases not another color pickiness in this country in our generation in my dad's generation the never saw themselves as underdogs eh owned his own business and any grow share cropping farm and he you know he started is and how he had a knock and basically beg for them to be able to pay rent because it was a time where white people he did that in a time where there actually was racial discrimination and now you you find black Americans the thing of am there's actually something that that book washing by the way if I remember correctly second way and that's how that's that such as race and I'll I'll say this makes verse simple that that we can tell our kids and grandkids and within a few The tenets of his of his community that lasted all the way to the next three or four service has being industry and home being family matter if they go ahead educate yourself make sure you feel comfortable and confident about who you it does nothing but evil is left so you wonder what's going on with the left is called evil they don't care visible people industry you take away anybody's opportunity to work reteach all young men to respect women this should be I got in his second women if they you don't whip somebody that will never ever get the respect people around but you know what then other point out young ladies have to understand that they truly are the crux the and and it's up to our women ladies to raise the bar keep it high because womanhood that truly defines nation to heart and direction in his men no mixture this on our way of working team to bring our God given Gosh I was so blessed I had a dad that that they had had very high expectations and and I was taught early last thing you what does this that's the key I I wasn't as blast like I didn't grow up with two parents might my parents and that was exactly what their relationship was Grandad was in charge of the house but in the kitchen and then magically he'd wake up and whatever her opinion was was exactly takes marriage since they were seventeen until her dying day and they they such value so many lectures I tell people my granddaddy's to this thing where God help candidates to realize that she shouldn't be turning the heat up in the middle of the learning at that time without realizing it respect good values family having a healthy heads and and and mother had to the family that we have this deep reverence for and we don't have people that respect themselves.

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