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Over your driveway. That's fuck man did akzo. I love i call. They call it. The governor think he knows nothing visited the two thousand weeknights eight right so it wasn't a block for rows is ruined has speaker that i always clear right. This starts out. Most of you got the cops. Didn't think about it. Was this right and this comfortably sleeping resting comfortably in his room in his home. So that's what most people do get tired of your house. You go to sleep. Under a year ago was a low of mark was all get here. And i got there. It wasn't that many people that go sailed by eight so does eight nine o'clock that night i ate really history. You realize that. Special k because of that shit lady bird. Got out. Shake right back. They did they serve it was. It was a fun area so the first report in happening. Why get tagged your own. Love our spokes. Not off dry mitch. Own without this leads as is no. That's acting police. Were right words but you coming to work tomorrow and vote workers making your job easier jewelry. Okay so if. I'm taking got to detect all logging baseball the later a bird burger king job. They can't do the job deserve the government of wedlock happy. He did especially for translating. Going on right now grew grown. Grow word party the fucking jersey. Because it's a wake up. Call it a wake. You didn't know that. Because he's not ways code nigger says he said nutley but the thing is always the Body here for muneer the food. I was also court calls. He was drinking case out. The darker cost sadiq. We all know deidre. Then you never make work since two thousand this indoor. That was that was that was like okay i. I'm you know i may. Hundred was some thirty room talking promotion. Eight two weeks later matt on a Do river because this is the game and it is factored as we never be here on. Facebook cast off black cast twitter joke radio drum gas dot com. We are available on pretty much every streaming platform. You get a podcast at with the exception of one in you know at right right now. Zac right boy out too week. I wanna thank you for coming through and we've been locked up for the year. That's the next stop. We we wrapping it up by what they offer. The energy appreciate appreciate this nigga. Jukebox song odd back but he signed that oval facts. So anybody anybody says anything less than i got enough already know that which thank y'all love y'all everybody was active who drew dire suit or just like we see next week love yup..

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