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Seven well, Biko sponsors, traffic and weather on the twos. It's the PICO traffic time and energy saver root of the morning. We'll make it the east PA turnpike Bensalem save time and energy, but going to PICO dot com slash smart ideas, when we last left you an accident approaching Ben Salem out of the way. No delays will take the good news. Western the turnpike's backup approaching to pass the fort Washington interchange. I want to jump over to ninety five we've got some problems on developing in Delaware County. There is a multi vehicle accident. We're counting as many as five or seven vehicles involved here it south on the Bloomberg jammed approaching the south on ninety five south of the Bluebird. It's the vehicles in the two left lanes again. Southbound just below the blue route is the trouble spot on right now developing in from the northeast south on ninety five jam up and down to Gerard avenue. Another big problem developing through Roxborough eastbound Henry avenue at a crawl walnut lane to across the Henry avenue. Bruce the schoolhouse lane. That's an. East falls? There's an accident up ahead in the right thing. The reason for that big delay eastern Henry avenue heading towards Philadelphia university. Everything busy on the Schuylkill expressway. Eastbound through Montgomery down to Gerard avenue. Westbound past city earlier accident to the side of the roadway looking at delays in west rock hill. Bucks county Bethlen pike ridge pike that is a series of accident. And now north on the blue route just north of the Schuylkill expressway getting off the Schuylkill expressway exit ramp at the split for massive Ford road, an overturned vehicle accident there on the exit ramp minor delay, but expect delays later on as police arrived at the scene. Mass transit no reported delays. Pico has lots of ways to help your business. Save energy and money. Visit PICO dot com slash smart, ideas, PICO the future is on in the cable w twenty four hour traffic center, I'm Sam clover..

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