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You will not find very much weirder in the world of quarterbacking. Then the idea the bucks have been struggling with their quarterback situation for a very long time. But Josh Freeman had one season. You could look it up where people were believing that. Josh Freeman was everything that they hope Jameis Winston would be that. Josh Freeman had one season that might be the best quarterback play. The Tampa Bay has gotten in twenty years and they've got a Super Bowl in their from Brad Johnson. That's easy to thousand at ten twenty five touchdowns six interceptions. And then he played on a Monday night for the Vikings. And it is the most incompetent quarterback display. I've ever seen now, admittedly. I haven't watched a lot of peterman's games. I've only seen the stat lines which are horrifying. But if you remember this Josh Freeman Monday night game that I'm talking about. That's what incompetent quarterback play looks like. And I just don't know how the Buffalo Bills decide again, and again to put Peterman out there while watching someone like drew greats. And like, wait a minute. Our guy is not quite that accurate. You don't even need to watch breeze. Just watch Matt Barkley well that too, but I'm just saying now imagine much frustrate how much more frustrating must be to be a bills fan though. And wait, I personnel. People thought that could do something. They benched tyrod Taylor. Remember the bills made the playoffs last year? And they decided there wasn't a ninja first time in seventeen years. They make the playoffs with tyrod Taylor. And then they say now we're going with Peterman in a game. But how do you trust that person moving forward? I think you're right. Everyone should be man. We had a poll earlier this year. Does anyone on the builds trust anyone else on the bills you realize how right vantera Davis got? This guy's crushed him for quitting you want. Then looked at Peterman said bleep that my career is over. So they make the brave move to bench Taylor. Even though everyone's confused by because Taylor is not playing poorly. This is a team that's in playoff position that bench him for Nathan Peterman. I ever start five picks in the first half. I'm pretty sure all five of them were in the first half. That Freeman game is mesmerizing. This is why Lewis show. Mccoy's the unhappiest man in the NFL twenty of fifty three for a hundred and ninety yards. And an interception. Let's go my private jetty thing. Going to fuel itself is worse than that peterman's worse than Josh Freeman is Peter and Mike what are the final numbers here because I'm gonna go ahead and call it a career on Peterman. Are you really I think he's going to? Back look out for ballot. Check out. This is what I'm telling playing a lot and Seaver. I mean, listen to me. This is what's going to happen? Peterman is never going to get a professional paycheck again. But he is going to win the collusion suit before capper, Nick. Twenty three and me, we'll help you find out more about you. Get yourself a kit and.

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