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We've taken Twitter poll. We've talked a lot of people that have suggested much like during the football season. We should do a fantasy baseball segment and coincidentally a few days ago, I started thinking long and hard about my own personal fantasy team. And I had approached or thought about approaching Tom, Lugo produces this show on what will be a very gutsy blockbuster trade. And I thought to myself, you know what this perfect, I'll propose, the trade on air, you're bored, by that delory because I think the guys involved in the trade are actually worthy of a fantasy. Discussion and you'll see why when I reveal the name, so I told Lougee about three days ago, I'm gonna propose a blockbuster to you am I gonna tell you anything. But I'll propose it on the air. So Lou gowers had about three days to think about it. Look at my roster and ponder, what type of deal is Evan offering me. So before I make the formal offer. What is your prediction on what you think I am about offer you? Well, the first question I have is how many guys are you sending me? And how many sending back you ready for this. Yeah. Got one for one one for one. Okay. Puff. You don't usually see those usually gotta mix it. This is a singular one for one, the show, my guess, is this is going to be out to who's on your team for either for Jose Ramirez or Cory Seager, that is amazing. That is exactly the offer. It was gonna offer through Seeger or. Well, you write about one of them, I was going to offer Jose altuve for Jose Ramirez, now a couple of things before you. Give me your response. Can I think both of these guys are very intriguing fantasy guys to begin with and where they are in this moment in two thousand nineteen and that's why I think it's an interesting because I think me as an old to bay guy, you as Ramirez guy were of going through some moments right now will reponding the future of our guys. But I wanna point this out in our fantasy league. It is a keeper league and you lose the draft pick aware that guy was originally selected. So in the case about say he is attached to a seventh round pick. And in the case of Ramirez, he is attached to a fifteen round pick. So from a standpoint Ramirez has a little bit more value, and I think that should be pointed out, because that very well could be a factor in you, deciding. So your first reaction to that offer my first reaction to that offer is, I would probably take that deal. Wow. Yeah. Now. Now it's tough here because a lot of ways, you're asking me to break down the trade in a situation where what do you think of this, in any other ways, it's like I'm going to basically tell you something that may make you not want to do the deal that make sense? Good to be objective. What do I really no offense? All right. You're not in the Indian organization. What could you possibly know about Jose Ramirez Ramirez other than forgot how to play baseball for the last year? Seriously, though, he has not hit. He didn't hit the entire second half and he is hitting a what fifteen now. We're like two months through the season. Now he's been hot the last week or so. But he's hitting for any kind of power. He's got four home runs. He used to be a doubles machine. He's had a few the last couple of days, but he's only got maybe ten on the year striking out. More that used to be another thing that he was really an asset to so striking out a lot, and I know how to ace been hurt, but he's only twenty nine years old Jose, obviously twenty-five, but who has a way bigger resume that would make me think that I'll to be way, better than Ramirez over the next five to ten years or ten years, but next, five years, or so this is to fascinating guys. Now, if you're in a non keeper league, maybe you look at it a little bit differently because you're looking at the shortest term thing possible. And if you're looking long-term, Jose Ramirez, and what's so weird about him this season is you're right. He fell off the roof. Last year and he had troubles in the postseason as well. And he was terrible two years ago in the second half or late in the second half in band the postseason there as well. Yeah he was terrible in the series against the Anki. Remember he was two for twenty in that series. And then last year in the short series against Houston. He was over eleven. So he has been a terrible postseason player, which obviously means absolutely nothing. When it comes to fantasy, what does matter is what you do in the second half of seasons. Because last year Jose Ramirez was a to eighteen hitter in the second half of the year. So you're right over the course of what is almost averaging out to a full season. Jose Ramirez is about to ten header. And so I think there's a part of fantasy owners apart of you who say I know he's young. But what the hell happened like has he has he literally lost his skill? This was a guy who could have won an MVP two years ago. This was a guy who even last year despite that collapsed finished third in the MVP voting thirty nine home runs last year. He's still thirty four basis, or we really saying that this guy who's about to turn twenty seven years old, twenty six he's done. Well, he's still stealing base like fourteen on the season. So his he's had any value this year. It's been from that standpoint. I think he's been maybe thrown out once or twice so, so he's stolen base to caught stealing has been as been outstanding. But the power the average like I said, he was doubles machine strikeouts are up. And this is over a long enough period where it's starting to be. Concerning. Another thing is the Indians where they add is a franchise. I mean, are they going to trade off players? The lineup is not as strong as it used to be they got rid of Brantley Lindores out for a while. Now he's been back. I mean some of the guys are hitting in the lineup but they're not a prolific offense. Like they used to be is Jose Ramirez, even going to be an Indian or who's going to be an Indian. So the teen in self. I don't know where they're going to be like, and what they're going to look like in two or three years and often, or not your fantasy value sometimes can rely extremely much on who's hitting around you only been dropped in the lineup. He's not even hitting in the middle of lineup anymore. It's been hitting like six fifth or sixth or something like that. He used to be a staple. Right in middle second or third, and forget, when they did it, but they sign Jose Ramirez to a long term deal on an incredibly team friendly deal. So I guess that's the one good thing that they have going for them that they're not paying them a lot of money. So it's not like you know, Jose Ramirez falls off the face of the earth, which he has over the last counter year near paint. Eighteen million dollars a year to five year, twenty six million dollar deal, which is a bargain for a guy who finished third in the MVP boating the last two years. So that's where we're. Ramirez is at the thing about to as this and I love hotel, too. I've loved him. And he's been on my team for for many years now. And I've always been a big proponent of them on the air is that you are starting to see a guy and it's not like Ramirez Ramirez, declined in an incredible way. That's I mean he's not he's not a good baseball player right now to good baseball player before Jose got hurt. He was not having a bad. You're in fact, he was having a big power year. But you are starting to see a guy that is beginning to decline and because of the knee issues and because of his size. Now, Jose Ramirez is not a monster either Jose Ramirez like five foot nine and he's got a little bit of weight on his body to, to base five foot six, but you've seen since the MVP year a slow decline. And as he turns thirty and he's gonna turn thirty I guess he just turned twenty nine. So this is twenty nine year but you are starting to see a guy that you wonder about because of the knee issue because of his size. Is he going to go the way of Dustin Pedroia, who's basically his career, essentially over? And the other thing. Well, yeah. And the other thing I have to say to right. But visting MAC and this is that to be a smart owner here. If I was really going to deal Jose Ramirez, I mean, I'd have to I'd have to at least do my due diligence, because I've been offered move deals from two other owners form already. So I would have to inferior go back to those owners and be like listen. There's an offer on the table. What can you do better? I'd be an idiot not to do that. So as I as I said, I would initially say, yeah, I would do the move, but then I'd have to go back and be like, all right. Can I see if I can get more from other owners because that's just being smart in terms of tuba? Yeah. I mean you wonder with the small frame and all that stuff. But I still love him in Houston. I still love that lineup. And obviously he's hurt right now. So the initial part of this trade would obviously favor the having Jose Ramirez, 'cause I'll toys, I'm playing and theory. He's coming back soon. But you never you never really know. And they were good team and they, they don't necessarily have to rush out to back because they're going to they're going to win that division. They're gonna be in the playoffs so they would be foolish to fool around with Jose altuva out as becoming a different kind of player. And I've noticed this watching him a lot. He's becoming more of a power guy. He knew. Never steals anymore. And I think we thought last year. Well, that's because of the knee issue once he's fully healthy. He's going to run again. He's not running. And I don't think he's going to, I don't think goes AL to bay is ever going to be a guy. See I'm talking down my own player, which is probably a big mistake. And I love him. I mean I'm not I'm not actively looking to trade Jose altuve. And I don't think any other fantasy owner should, but I do think you have to this is now becoming more of a young man's game ever before. That's where we are now in real baseball and fantasy baseball. You're seeing guys when they get the thirty thirty one we're seeing guys declined to serious way, especially if they have medical issues. So I think I'll to bay is becoming a different kind of player. And I think when healthy you're looking at more of a to ninety five twenty home run seventy seventy-five RBI guy with limited stolen bases. Yeah. I mean, the, the sole basis have declined really decline. I mean he's still fifty six back in two thousand fourteen they've gone down ever since and most guys when they get to around thirty they stop running. They don't run as much. So you never gonna see, like thirty fifty stolen bases from the guy. Again, maybe get fifteen maybe get ten but in a league now we're a lot of guys like run like that. I mean well Myers a guy who could hit thirty home runs and still thirty basis. He strikes out six hundred and fifty times. So he kills you in that category. But they're so the guys that can that can run out to where he was great was that he hit well over. I mean he was he was across the board. He was amazing. And but you might have seen what maybe we've seen the peak from him. Maybe look, there's a chance we've seen the peak from both guys. But the Petrolia comparison scares me for this reason, now, I don't think even when Dustin Pedroia won the MVP he was ever as good as Jose altuve. He just wasn't. I never you never sold as many bases. He never hit for has high of an average even that MVP at three twenty six that year. Seventeen home runs eighty three Rb as he was never as good as Jose altuve. And he's not as small as Jose altuve may Dustin Pedroia was always listed at five nine. He was probably five eight two as a few inches shorter. If you look at Dustin Pedroia his career after the age of twenty nine he was never the same after the age of twenty nine..

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