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News. Can I read you a text message that Kobe Bryant just sent to me as we speak? You know, I hope he bashed you. He doesn't. That's what he said Friday. He said are you smoking? Senior don't don't take don't take other way. Katie. I'll take it. That's why I know that. And I love Katy I love, Katie. I I know that his his his his Kobe. Bryant said to me the dumbest decisions of all Tom are made. When people try to be too smart about the simple things. Yeah. You would think. That I can say I have no come back from I have no come back with. I got I got to offer an apology to Kobe for crying jogging to you talking about what was Bishop serial killers ever as that would have put on some basketball shoes. Bad the Black Mamba, Jack. I'm gonna stand. Correct it. I'm gonna stand corrected. Can I kick it can I can I have a do over and put Kobe back on the list mecca. And I do that. No problem. Am I allowed to do that? I'm allowed to say. And the platform they do. So I got you. I got you before I get violence. You get on outta here. How you feel about what you've seen this MBA? Sees man who you like in who you love. And who are you who are you disappointed? If it's fine. Obviously is always great. You know, I'm a sixty till I die. So obviously, that's who I'm rooting for. There's a lot of guys. There's a lot of teams that that look good that we thought, you know, were we're going to be. All right. What turned out to be better than we thought? And we saw dog change. There. We go on be great not so good. I like, we're Lou Williams and clippers was gone, whatever. He I think he's doing a great job with with the Roscoe and having those guys jail and play well together, I think we need to give Houston a little bit more time. I think they'll be all right. Who else, Steve, you know, all time? Supposed to be good. And I tell you this much. I'm not I'm not that a Nampa with your Sixers right now. I thought the other night going up against Toronto. I did not like what I saw. And I'll tell you why. And I'll get your thoughts on this. I think Joel Embiid is an all star. And he's extrordinary, but he needs to play better with his back to the basket. When he does that. I think Ben Simmons has got to get a perimeter shot. I love the fact that Jimmy Butler JJ rhetoric is doing their thing. But I still think y'all are piece away from challenge in a Boston or Toronto. When it really counts. I'm I'm I'm very calm cool where we are. And I'm I'm all all about Brett Brown, and and grants, and what they can what they can bring to the table. I just trust everything doing. I'm not panicking right now that was white game. They were playing against the best chance earlier seen and so about working at a right? I'll see you down the road. Man. I appreciate you calling all impromptu and all of that. I appreciate I just needed you. Because of this list you put out because it's causing me havoc. Kobe's all over me. Man. I apologize bed. My bad. And I apologize to Kobe. You apologize to Kobe for what your voice went out. You apologize. For me, or you the my little brother turned it against me. I oh my goodness. All by by take it, easy, man. The one and only Allen Iverson right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN.

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