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718853 57 77. Am 5 71 or 2.3 FM. The mission W. M. C. A Listen online AT W. M. C. Calm tune in I heart, Alexa or radio dot com. This'll is Albert Mohler for town hall dot com. The House of Representatives that just passed a new rule that no, it has nothing to do with impeachment. The new rule championed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi establishes guidelines for language related to gender for the 117th Congress. I'm going to read a portion exactly as it is found in the House resolution quote. And cause 83 a rule. 23 strike father, mother, son, daughter, brother, Sister uncle and first cousin, nephew, niece, husband wife. The list goes on and on What you just heard is a disaster and assault upon creation and an assault upon the English language. And yet it's now the rule of the United States House of Representatives. There will be no more brothers and sisters, only siblings. There will be no more mothers and fathers only parents. It's not merely a word game. The House of Representatives cannot change nature, but it can and has set our nation's official discourse at war with nature. I'm Albert Mohler. Public policy, not pepper, dine dot et you you're listening to Kevin McCullough radio coming to you live from the Conners and Sullivan broadcast studio. What you need to know when you need it. It's Kelley McCullough radio. All right, thank you for making time to be with us today. Appreciate all of the great voices that came on the show, Dr David Ireland. Robert Spencer, Dr Gina Loudon, David Fisher and Dr Alveda King..

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