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Hello my name is david runciman on this is talking politics we are going to be talking this week about how different the world might be if one or two small things had come out slightly differently from the way they did guben brexit trump we're going to think about what the world would be like if some of those things hadn't happen talking politics is brought to you in partnership with a london review books europe's leading magazine a books in ideas we've already had some lob writers on this podcast john lanchester mary bid and we hope to have some more soon talking about the state of democracy and the state of the world as well as politics the alabi has book reviews essays about ought poetry and exhibitions whether you want to get a deeper understanding a world events or just get away from it all and read about picasso and octopuses the lob will have something fascinating for you this week hillary clinton has been in the united kingdom promoting her book giving into interviews getting an honorary degree from swanson university i think reconnecting with her well fruits and pretty much telling every audience she speaks to the she could would should have been the president of the united states so in honor of hillary rearmanent youth out but we can talk about some coulda widow sugars go ahead and thompson who is next bell political konomi i went that none alcoholic drink with one of the faith issues at all in cambridge he's written a book called island is not jimmy conch by patrick balkany because very thirsty knee was the very single first unitl chris brook who is next on political theory but they both know about lots of other things too that we went to the cinema to see the party it's a little black comedy about the lives of various people falling apart and help and that we enjoyed it very much indeed.

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