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Yeah. Okay. Sorry do. Yeah. It's a good life. So we can have a little coffee. I've got some ginger cookies and another one we've got some Oman performers with some cloud. Very jam. And then the rest of the class have got a few different things. We'll do a year toast, crumble lay. If you've ever seen the ski Queen cheese little red block of cheese. We make creme brulee with your frown. Say, but usually when they leave. Amazing. But I don't understand the only red black of cheese I've seen as the red wax around. Geez. I've never seen a red black. It's like I dunno. It's like two inches by two inches K. Oh, delicious. Norwegian. Okay. But it's a delicious. She's what else am I doing? We're gonna do a criminalist carrot. We're gonna do some lamb so within each of all of these items will be making their something. If not the entire dish with something that speaks to a variable or value, if you will within the Nordic cuisine, so fermentation red Zappia was just your last weekend. And he had a book on fermentation with David Silber fantastic. Book actually read most of it already. And so here, we have our fermented pickled, which is pickled crab apples. We're gonna do some black garlic, which is a fermented garlic that will be with her lamb. Oh, that's just culture. If you think about. Let's go way back when so when we were. Back divide. There were no Bill. So we had a permit things we had to find a way of preserving drying smoking for mentoring in those types of clothes. And I think at this point we're going backwards. So we've leaned forward, and we're looking at all these wonderful foods, and there's a logistical change in our time there is technological changes. But now, I think we're almost turning around and looking back at the past. And how can we bring these new growth new understandings new information? And then refine what was once done by grandma if you wanna use? Yeah. That's what we're doing. There that food will be tomorrow that idea. Yeah. Tonight. It's more of a conversation about maybe would influence Nordic cuisine in me and maybe in the region,.

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