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To ever infiltrate the hell's angels became a full patch member of the hell's angels his book his first book was called no angel and is a phenomenal read of how he was able to pull this off and how his life was at stake so many times the fallout from all of that was after he was ousted as the infiltrator they put a bounty on his head he had his house burned to the ground but then in his the backs his the government turned their back on j dobbins and so now jay dobbins is written another book called catching hell this is a lot more to do with his experience with our own government and the people used work four in light of this will the fast and furious connection is that it was after fast and furious broke and the same leadership the same in the phoenix region of the atf the same leaders in that state that authorized and bungled fast and furious and then tried the lie about it definitely covered up are the same leaders that were involved with the operation of j dobbins and with him then being off after size by the agency by the way a federal judge completely exonerating j dobbins and excoriating the atf and the federal government they're handling in the investigation into the burning down of his house and others some trying to set it up for the second half of the hour to have j dobbins in here with us we'll talk about the london it i will talk about the white house leaker will get j dobbins on the show as well as a lot more coming up thanks for the social media outreach we some of the fun tweets you guys are sending in our great we'll talk about some of those in a few moments i am at broomhead show on twitter by the way and i will be back you're in a in a few moments it's glenn beck program unlike broomhead stick around this is the glenn beck program mercury the my.

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