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Daria Albinger, ABC news. WBZ SM news headlines a spokesperson for the FBI says there's nothing new to report today regarding the investigation into coke. I associate agents raided locations yesterday in Warwick, Rhode Island and at fifty one state road in Dartmouth considerations reopen the bidding process for a casino license in southeastern Massachusetts. Being put on hold for the time being the Massachusetts gaming commission decided today to delay discussions on reopening the bidding process at Massachusetts. Senator. Elizabeth Warren is proposing a so-called ultra millionaires tax she buys for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination. Economists project that the Warren tax proposal would generate about two point seven five trillion dollars over the next ten years. The forecast some clouds the seething giving way to mainly clear skies, low twenty-seven, I'm Jim Phillips WB SM news. Warning, the Savage Nation contains adult language, adult content, psychological nudity. Listener disbarred. And now, America's most exciting radio talk show, the Savage Nation. Home of borders, whiteboard culture, and here, he is stop mass hysteria. Michael savage. Savage nation..

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