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To kill one of her husband's. Yes. So by this point, in our time line, right, we are now through July of two, thousand and nineteen and Laurie has been married one two, three, four times. Her third husband was attacked with a Taser and threatened to be murdered by her brother Alex Cox, who receives a jail sentence plus probation. Then, years later in July of two thousand and Nineteen Laurie. Now on her fourth marriage Mary to Charles Valo. There's an argument that goes down at her house after the two or already somewhat separated maybe even in the process of an actual divorce. And Alex Cox happens to be staying the night there when this argument takes place the next morning and he uses a shotgun to kill Charles fallow. and. Then we have Lori on record being a little bit confused as to why she did not inherit the money from the Insurance Policy Right? The million dollar policy. So that is four husbands. One of them dead one of them was threatened to be murdered by the same man who just. So happen Lee claimed self defense when he killed the other husband, all some very shady business going on there captain. Yeah. Piles of Shit. So let's go to August we're going to go to August tenth two, thousand and nineteen. This will be the last recorded time. That the grandparents and this is Larry K woodcock. They speak to JJ. They're grandson of the low boy, right? The reason why these episodes are titled Tighly Ryan and J Valo is because this whole crazy story came to light when these kids went missing. Now at this time, even though this is the last time that the grandparents say that they spoke with Jj. The kids are not. Officially missing at this point. What we have going on is there's a lot of cleaning up and moving around. That's about to happen. Right is seems like Lori is closing out one major chapter in her life and looking to move onto another. On August thirtieth. Lori returns JJ's service dog. Citing quote change in life circumstances. Okay. It says returns the dog but that's not the full story. Jj has special needs. He is on the autism spectrum. Charles got this dog for his adopted son Jj to help him out with a service dog can help people with autism help people with other needs significantly running, and there's no question about it. This service dog was helping jj Jj loved the stop you know the old cliche a man's best friend. This was JJ's best friend by every report that is out there his father is now dead. This kid already has special needs. Could you imagine the needs that he has now that he has no father. And there's also some question if he witnessed the murder or the self defense killing of his father. Bright. And now you're gonNA. Take away the service dog that has helped boy out so much in his young life. Yeah we have no jobs we have no food our pets heads are falling off well, and they site that she returned the dog due to a change in life circumstances. The truth of the matter is that she attempted to sell the dog and only when the dog did not sell, she returned the dog to the place where they originally got the service animal so that this dog could go on and help somebody else. Now the change in life circumstances was not JJ. No longer required the service dog no, it was because he wanted to move. That went down on August thirtieth because on or around September first. So within forty eight hours of returning JJ's service dog. Laurie along with tighly and JJ, they moved to Rexburg Idaho. Well what is near Rexburg Idaho Chad Day Bell He lives five miles from the condominium that Lori along with Thailand and JJ move into on September first. She will sign jj up to go to school at Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg Idaho after the move was crazy as this is a true story that sounds as fictional as the books Chad would would right means ridiculous. This portion of the time line is extremely important here captain. So I do WanNa know few items here on September eighth two, thousand and nineteen. This is after they moved to Rexburg Idaho. There's proof of Taylor Lee she is in Yellowstone National Park along with Lori and Laurie's brother Alex and Jj Val. On September twenty, third, two, thousand, and nineteen. Jj has an unexcused absence from school. The twenty third was a Monday. So, the last time that Jj Valla was present at his new school of Kennedy Elementary was the Friday of September twentieth. The following day after he has this unexcused absence, his mother Lori calls and informs JJ school that he will be going to stay in. Louisiana until at least October twenty nine maybe longer. So Jj will no longer be attending Kennedy elementary.

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