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NSTE AM seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk three things so I think you would need to know number one horrific day for one Forsman yesterday because mayors and governors just don't seem to care gotta end this stuff got ended now for officers in St Louis shot they'll hopefully be okay one officer in Vegas shot the back of the head writer came a bunch on the back of it is in critical condition life support at a hospital there is awful awful and yet people more outrage at trump walking to St John's church yesterday then this New York city's just complete disaster absolutists Astor I believe we want law and order here second thing that I think you need to know Arizona Democrats the Senate Democrats put out a statement about George Floyd's death and in that statement they quoted one of the most wanted terrorists in the world by the FBI Assata Shakur she killed a state trooper fled to Cuba for decades and they literally quoted her and they said we didn't realize the crime that's how stupid they are they're liars they're absolute liars and the media is not doing anything about it by the way they don't do anything about it third thing I think you need to know Phoenix councilman sal the CCO put on Twitter that are members of Kate gave the mayor's office in Phoenix and other members in other councilmembers offices are threatening to not vote on the budget unless the looters and rioters are released by police so messed up that is three things I think you need to know I hope the country learns Alexion have consequences after this don't you so put this story a bit dumb Facebook dot com slash Gary Lewis radio like and follow it after a story from town hall dot com that white nationalists causing George Floyd right chaos talking point took a devastating blow another devastating blow the wacko governor in Minnesota Tim Walz tried to say that a lot you know we got a white supremacist company are causing trouble Minnesota department of public safety said they have no record of that one thing right then let's go to a USA today story the real hard core guys this is their job they're involved in this struggle said Adam Leggett a former British Army counterterrorism officer now works as a security consultant specializing in crowd management for the densest group he said they need protests on the streets to give them cover to move in there are detractors there are white supremacist there are anarchists lieutenant governor Peggy Flanagan said Saturday afternoon as which includes any government apple there are white supremacists no a civil arrest list provided by public information officer of the Saint Paul the Padilla police department showed twelve of the eighteen people arrested from Thursday through six AM Saturday were from Minnesota five from Saint Paul two from Minneapolis swung from Mankato one from Saint Louis park for from out of state to do not have cities of residence listed no white supremacists again the security consultant said intelligence reports from his colleagues indicate most of the hardcore protesters Minneapolis are far left or anarchists and then for right groups have not yet made a significant appearance he's a looting is typically done by locals usually people with no criminal record who get caught up in the moment and the anarchist love it they encourage a bash the windows back often of the locals go in there go crazy free stuff free stuff yeah yeah yeah New York times you ready for this New York times they have a story where even the racist white people hating Southern Poverty Law Center couldn't find any white supremacist no evidence of it yep here's the New York times story in New York City a senior police official said anarchists had planned to start mayhem in the city even before the protest started using encrypted communication to raise bail money and to recruit medics this was all planned that's why they were using encrypted communication to raise bail money to get people out and recruit medics during the demonstrations they maintain supply routes to distribute gasoline rocks and bottles also dispatched scouts to find areas devoid of police officers said John Miller deputy commissioner in charge of the police department's counterterrorism terrorism intelligence efforts he said they prepared to commit property damage and directed people who were following them that they should be done selectively in only in wealthier areas or at high end stores run by corporate entities such activity was still under investigation Mr Miller said but many participants he said were from outside New York they instructed group leaders to tell the people following them that this was not meant to be orderly activity far right here it's generated an avalanche of posts on social media in recent days suggesting the unrest was a sign that the collapse of the American system they have long awaited was at hand these groups known as exhilaration is intended to promote any circumstance that might speed that goal it was the far right's really last month they were pushing the idea the corona virus pandemic and demonstrations again shutting out the public might be their moment to incite discord the groups are not monolithic there are factions express never expressed solidarity with some at in the African American community in their animosity toward police right all this other stuff is ruby ridge however I believe that sparking a race world really bring about establishment of a pure white at the state at least part of the current US believe some believe that but signs of any organized effort or even participation in the violence were relatively rare quote I have not seen any clear evidence that white supremacists or militiamen are masking up and going out to burn and loot said Howard graves a research analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center they're the ones that track white supremacist groups they say anybody that age group is a white supremacist group and they were meeting there's no evidence a white supremacists or militiamen masking up going out to burn and loot that's called the version you want to talk about misinformation the media has been trying to get this misinformation campaign now they said Russia Russia did misinformation in trouble like that B. S. and it's been proven wrong but the media is literally working with Democrats to get misinformation to try to tell people white supremacists are also here it's not it's not just the lefties it's not just the anarchists and radicals it's also white supremacists and there's literally no evidence of its no evidence of its I'll put this story on my Facebook page I mean they do not so sick the media is they want to put it out there and floated out there that's how sick the Democrats are how responsible the Minnesota governor and lieutenant governor see those things when there was literally no evidence to back it up and yet what they tell us trump's the liar he's the one that lies he's the one that has trouble telling the truth what is clear as day now it's not there it is not there eight eight zero can S. T. eighty eight zero five six seven eight it really again is all about upbringing and respect I've gotten one speeding ticket over the past ten years and was on my way to work one I was pissed who is it past would you respect for the police officer that's how it's supposed to be when you go in to life or public with preconceived notions taught that cops are wrong in their terrible they're gonna get you you're gonna have that attitude puts everybody on edge why can't we just say like that what you leaders to say like that I mean it's a bunch of sickos they try to profit off this and get power back it's it's come on right this is crazy and when you D. ball police nobody can do anything to stop these anarchists and that's why trump is said let's stop and that's when we can I'm convinced people sit at home you're watching this they're just like you and even not just exactly what you and you may disagree politically they're sitting there saying how could this happen why isn't anyone stopping this I think that the first the first reaction people's not yeah when they see businesses bash their their first reaction is horror and why isn't anyone stopping this you can agree to disagree it's up to you maybe I'm too optimistic but I really think that's the way it is we will continue do not go anywhere morning ritual Gary Lewis K. and S. 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