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I i grew goal colour your meal and before after no problem but you're the fact when when people meal during the choir during national anthem assam in my mom but um you know i mean they're saying that well the contrary uh we love the flag and yet they approach in my mind gomes like they're hurt them the wrong about worked for a company and i disagree with their uh employment rules they're not you're you're not going to strike another company you know what i mean if you agree with trump burned protest that protest what you agree with low i that make any ill i still think you can love this country and still have issues with some of the things that go on in this country whether it's social inequality or any other and he quality you may feel or anything else that you don't like that goes on in this country is i mean you're not a an not patriotic doesn't mean you don't love this country i don't agree with that thought that it is is players at don't love this country and i've heard some that say we'll make him millions of dollars off off his gain and they should just they should just stand because they they should just had to because are making that kind of money this because you're make that kind of money doesn't mean you have to go lock in step with with and compromise your beliefs now i might not agree with your beliefs but i don't think that you should be required and say we should you're making that money they should just fall line to be a puppet now a couple of sexier went from the ninety five says they're not protests in the anthem yet i think most of us realized there protesting the flag or the anthem their forces enduring it for another section the fiber for people who don't see anything wrong with protesting while at work i loved for them to go into their job in protest or make a political statement will here's what i would respond to that all ought of companies would allow you to protests in different ways wearing teeshirts social media whatever it is an all round here i would say not all and the nfl and the companies certainly have the right to make rule the says you can't do it but i would.

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