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Sell. Sim somewhat complicated even <hes> tabula. You're right yeah. K. and other things yeah magnesium right. You know vitamin d and i really like i wasn't getting none of that. I was drinking sunny delight. You know what i'm saying like hotcakes and sausage. If i got up in time to get them mcdonald's it does lifting do some stuff for our bones. Absolutely so i came across a study that was done on race horses and it was the best one that i could find at the time that had something to do with taking supplement supplement break their legs a lot and it's a that's a billion dollar industry. You know i'm not my experience with race. Horses like my stepfather that was quality time. Take me to the shitty tracks horseback and it was like a couple of video games there but i just spent a lot of my hours like not wanting to be there and then you get totally elite trash in the driver's home which is that's the eighties in that show <hes> but anyways studying racehorses so you're having that experience of like asking these questions with in looking at the study that came across my desk <hes> being that it's a billion dollar industry mystery dislike a lot of money. You'll lose if you if horses break a leg so they wanted to find a way to increase in bone density and so they had a control group that did nothing the the horses they they didn't do anything different with their diet in their activities that another group of forces they gave supplements to including things like calcium magnesium and phosphorus all with all this stuff and they did find increase bone density but they had another study group of forces they gave them supplements and regularly walked the horses and they had a radical increase in their bone linden city greater than the other two so that's the combination is the nutrition plus the movement because food really to put simply exercise isn't about getting a six pack. That's a side effect. The real reason we need exercise for for assimilation of nutrients in elimination of waste right and so that struck me that because at the time i just changed the way that i was eating and i was like doing a little bit of movement but i wasn't. I didn't pick up the weights again yet since like high school right and so i started to do a little bit more lifting some load-bearing exercises manica it better so fast you know incorporating the right nutrition because your body's always wanting to get better. I was in fear to and i'll share this very often but i was scared. I was just like it's been two years. I can't get better. It's been too long bodies been trained to be messed up but man when you start stacking conditions and doing the right stuff you can get better really quick. What made you not give up. Is something nine in your upbringing something from your parents or something from the zoo childhood or something like that yeah i was. I was close. I was close to giving up my brothers and a ton of pain as well so he's he's wanted to kind of you know. He wanted to just kind of give up a bunch of different times. He ended up being a drug addicted. Alcohol addicted things like that and he's he's kicking ass now when he's trained. He trains with me every day but it what made you not give up..

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