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Companion levi body how wrong oh has it name man is doing great uh a dead the surgery on december the six and back up and look so we day before yesterday did a cash and blast so i think i'm a motlana 100 percent book nominated at least as good as i wasn't cast oh absolutely blast oh yes you back not yet edward arguing the diet back gal lake nona needs are he's doing great knowing bin entails yesterday maybe we keep dan we flew in after the after the cash to black hear about eleven o'clock flew in your area uppity gala now known i mean we hauled but yeah in the tyrrell okay rayo us traffic i was gonna ask you how you like houston traffic's hilo zero it was wild riot little different from revere traffic yeah i we probably got more upright pass more cars on the way to work on average more than you'll see in two years and i'm sure now that the perfect for me not for me so so tell me how is it bend down there what's going on down in baffin bay right now the best part about it is the water quality and you know we ensure way back from that drought and the brown tied and that one way and then a whole bunch of grass grew and then now if the water is crystal though then i mean it is beautiful and the fishing has been stunning bouquets wars to clear i don't think so it's a real because he can gary awaken at yell shorelines are perfectly clear up to eur nie nieto and if you've got a site care perfect we got good psychopaths water up rural shell both threefoot of israeli yeah good crowd ringing yeah you're the one of the wheel but but are there's grass everywhere on the sand lars on the everywhere and you to see the rocks so big good tend to modify no kidding when he sent some that graft animal buddies in florida they just they got wiped out no i used to totally wiped out a little combat yeah i'm sure mother nature is dead we appear not fish and baffin bay bridge ar it's pretty hard because we got pictures yesterday from the house good i ask about land on at the law day oh my gosh.

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