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As all comfortable could be. So when I was searching, I realized that I'd been wearing hanky-panky in the past. But I didn't realize that they had organic stuff. So once on that out. I went crazy have bought a bunch of stuff tried it out loved it got all my friends on it. And luckily, I was able to partner with them which has been incredible. I love their stuff. If you guys have seen my body suit on Instagram where that thing like probably every other day. It's so much. It's blue with gorgeous pink flowers on it. And that in my surprise when I got the opportunity to interview, the founders. Of hanky-panky. How amazing is that? Gil Epstein and Lena or Zach our the founders of Hanky panky and they've been in business for over forty years. They're the maker of the most comfortable thong in the world. And I do have to say it truly is the most comfortable thong in the world on this episode. They share their journey of having the guts to talk to department store owners and pitch their brand and get it out there. Also talk about their growth from being an undergarment line in a department to a world wide brand. We talk about proven market strategies and how they execute their business. How long it took them to come up with ideas of adding thongs to their collection in growing and expanding their line how they found a solution to a longtime problem of women, and they created the most comfortable on you'll ever wear in your life. I saw the secret sauce for them staying friends and business partners for over forty years..

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