Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia discussed on Examining Politics - Salena Zito: Pennsylvanias Politics -- the Republican Blue State


So let's talk a little bit about the transformation of pennsylvania everybody look is looking at it in the moment trump won the state on he he flipped to counties that sort of shocked a lot of people who weren't paying attention luzerne an eerie um but in the leadup to the election a dis fight missing the fact that the state has trended republican for the past thirty years uh you also saw the the evidence that something was happening when you saw over one hundred thousand people democrats changed their party registration to republican but before we talk about the now let's talk about what led up to the now where do they go back to it's really interesting i mean folks who don't know pennsylvania well often here james carvel description pennsylvania as being the cities of pittsburgh and philadelphia with alabama sandwiched in between and while that gives everybody a good yuk as with most things to james carville says there's a little bit more to within that as you well know selena coming from pennsylvania it is in many respects a bunch of different states jammed into one piece of geography the folks in lose earn lackawanna county are is different from the people in washington county as the folks in philadelphia are from people that live in area i mean they're just in every way shape manner inform very very different so you've got a con a look at the state piece by piece.

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