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Record and paving the way for November midterm elections that could. Significantly, increase the number of women in elected office and possibly even change the public debate on issues such as healthcare abortion rights immigration and gun control some two hundred women have won their primaries for the house previously the most, women, who had advanced where one hundred sixty seven in two thousand sixteen and some of, those candidates could play a pivotal role in whether Democrats are able to. Take control of congress and that is Linda Lopez reporting social security program turned eighty three years old last week now that it's that milestone many millennials worried they won't be able to collect a penny of it our recent. Study by TransAmerica center for retirement study. Says about eighty percent of Millennials question. That they're worried the social security would not be there when they need it Wins news time seven, thirty six now a commentary on ten ten. Wins the comments expressed are solely those rabbi Joseph tastic of the New York border rabbi there is a beautiful, legend about a renowned rabbi who disappeared from the synagogue for. A few hours each Sabbath many suspected that this holy person was. Meeting with the almighty so they decided that one person a student would secretly follow him the designated spy watched with amazement as a rabbi put on the. Clothing of a poor man and entered a humble shack as he looks, for the window, he saw the saintly soul attending. To the needs of an elderly person changing his clothes, cleaning his? Room and preparing food when? The student returned the. Other surrounded him and asked what happened did he ascend to heaven no, answer the student he went even higher this week after the first anniversary of the Charlottesville white supremacists March was most heartening to see those who went even higher in protest of the hate-mongers outnumbering them a rabbi Win sounded the chauffeur remind all of us to, stand higher in his battle of the decent against the indecent. Thankfully this week decency one rabbi Joseph Potasse think of the New. York rabbi wins news time seven thirty seven finish summer strong when you mix and match the highest quality solutions and supplements in the industry buy one get. One half off at GNC nourish skin at every age.

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