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Corbyn. Carson KFT. News officials say the wildfire burning in El Dorado County in northern California is now the number one priority for fighting firefighter resources. They say firefighters are doing all they can to keep the fire near Lake Tahoe out of the Tahoe Basin and the state's biggest fire in Butte Implements counties has now burned more than 730,000 acres, but containment has increased to 41%. L. A City fire chief says This year's brush fire season is on track to be one of the worst. But Ralph Terrazas says the residents of Valley have done a pretty good job with defensible space and brush clearance. We have 131,000 brush parcels in the city of Los Angeles, and we get nearly 100% compliance every year, Terrazas says. Between city and county resources. The area has the largest air attack fleet in the country, including night flying capabilities. Terrazas says water dropping helicopters have the ability to be in the air within five minutes. Steve Gregory can defy news House Republicans have criticized President Biden for what they're saying he's now sticking to the August 31st deadline is a hard deadline for getting Americans and allies out of Afghanistan. Biden had said American troops would stay until all remaining U. S citizens and their allies. Are out of the country. Congressman Mike Rogers says the president is not listening to his military advisers or Congress, either He's seen now or he's in denial. But either way, it's reckless for our country, and it's a disaster is taking place is his responsibility. Congressman Mike McCaul says. People are going to be left behind and people are going to die. He says Biden will have blood on his hands, and the Biden administration says it's working with Haiti to help the country recover from the recent natural disasters. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby says a lot of progress has been made since an earthquake and tropical storm hit the island earlier this month. Joint Task Force Haiti has conducted more than 200 missions saved more than 300 people. And delivered over £88,000 of vital aid officials in Haiti say there is still a lot to be done because many relief efforts have been slowed because of flooded roads and looting by local gangs. The death toll from the earthquake has been raised to 2200 unruly passengers on flights in the US have racked up a record million dollars in potential fines this year. The FAA says there have been almost 3900 reports of dangerous or disruptive passengers since the beginning of the year. Most of the cases are because The mask mandate, which has been extended through the end of the year. The FAA says alcohol has also been a contributing factor in the aggressive interactions and the Paralympics in Tokyo have started the Games go until September 5th. The opening ceremony was in the same empty stadium where the summer Olympics were held recently. Tokyo is under a state of emergency until September 12th because of rising covid 19 cases. Let's check traffic.

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