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The world. Dot Com yes hopper savvy would was in Germany. He played just as bad as anybody. Six of the eleven starters are in analysts polera. Eleven eleven starters in that game products. Listen listen was it politic. I just named three. That's probably would hit but what I'm trying to tell you is core of that team were. WHO's in goal? Our who's the captain. So who's The star striker. Do off the bat settle settle down. Settle Down it's why they came shocker and took the money they will worse the national all case. Well then they were full. Uh No not because of one game I. I understand what you're saying. That was not a one game qualification cycle. That was a ten game where they finished. Fifth out of six teams teams. That's much different than the one game. One game we talked about different all right but if you Tim Howard coming to national what thirty six years old and in Clint Dempsey coming at thirty two. Those are much different than I will. Concede a Josie outdoor Michael Bradley. Come in when they're twenty five twenty-six much different but the pros. US soccer run much deeper major league. That's all I'm getting at when those guys came back and took the money as they are well within within their rights to do for the United States. The only issue was that they kept getting called into the national team. If you have a good enough national team player base that you can replace those players you survive. What are we talked about Brazil Argentina but I think Mexico has a much for pool to? Yes we've just talked about JJ humanitas they're all journalists under his name one year. That's what has has under but you just glossing pass out menace has one. He's got at fourteen months. Can Europe all right. But but look they haven't been able to replace Josie. I'm not real Europe and what is using Holland. Yeah that's those. Count Shuki goals in account. Now not boone trying to tell you. Don't compare them to the US. I use that as a barometer compare but I'm comparing but there's only one life. Both that's the reason why Mexico's not getting better. Because they're in this region right but generally this is going to be. This is going to have an impact on the Mexican national. It's only going to trend. is going to keep happening. Yeah I eventually have an impact but how many players get exported. I mean would you rather have and I'll be honest. Would you rather have the situation that legalizes in right now or him to be a contributor frail. AFC while really good question. But I think I want him in Europe training. Do you know what happened but I think eventually what happens if no you don't well you know what happens if you don't play and they don't send you down to the second division. Play the next day after everybody's regenerating junior region. You're training with the handful handful of players that didn't play also and you're playing three aside right. You don't fitness Internet getting better okay. Linus has seen a little more active experience. Gets you better. Yeah yeah to some extent I think. But you're you're saying you're counting for a failure from the player in Europe No. I'm not accounting for failure on reality and and you know the players don't they. They've been on themselves right. Don't you guys bet on yourself of course but what's the most important thing they tell you to do. When you're younger? Save your money the way right right play in play everything. Whatever you get a chance go somewhere where you think you're gonNA play? That's it a few more things to kind of touch on since. MLS media days and and they're kind of floating about I'm I think he's probably touch on Allah. I think there was a lot of noise about arrival here. Mostly because of the brand. If I'm being honest the only reason I look at Lambeau. Leo's resume I mean it does is nothing for me but it's a little something. It's World Cup. Little European experience a World Cup that he made national team experience. Multiple Multiple Championships didn't play and didn't play. It's all right but it is a little categorize awesome player in three and when I was asked about what I thought believable deal. I'll say I will categorize Mexican player in three. You have a do your are your Turkey Lozano minutes with great and acid rate signing talk for animal as Hobbes. Here you have your player be this young a young Mexican player like you see the South Americans going into major leagues that you own bed on the upside like greater that would be then you have your see somewhere in the middle of age. Someone their middle success somewhere in the middle of popularity that would be a landfill leader and in that AH category that little category you talk about. He's the best because he's got the the the the shine of the brand and most recently being so air quotes the top goalscorer right. Damn what do you think of the move though I mean it's I dunno ads Equity Army because he took like thirty eight penalties and she gets a million penalties the wall and I mean and also I think being the leading goal scorer in Mexico. You have to acknowledge it's a half season. It's not the same easy here is a great. It's a great accomplishment. Being a leading goalscorer over I think over the years the reason I brought that to ended up here the reason I bring up bullied is because when he left left Mexico in an interview with the. ESPN this he talked about Being the leading goal scorer in Mexico and that it was it was odd to him to Nazi himself then called into the the national team as a result and I started to think about it and we actually talked about that interview right after it happened and I think we came to the agreement that he wasn't in the national team picture but I have to say if there's a Mexican player in the Mexican League it's scoring any amount of goals ever let alone being leading score. They should absolutely be called into the national team based on recent history history. Well you just said it will. We're talking about your study. You look at WHO's ahead of them right now. What do you do? You're GONNA move now. No you're going to sacrifice the pro the the progression of a hotel hotel no do. Yeah Yeah I mean. Is He the third best Mexican striker. No Yeah I mean for me. He's he's probably no considered chetty still still in that in that group and then after that I think he can throw his name into that next tier but I think there are guys that you're entering a great one because even better beater even better example but system right. How many times have we say? I'M NOT GONNA play too right so he's not going to play with to and he only plays one. It's a specific skill set. He's looking for that eliminates all players can fully plays way back into the national national team from MLS 'cause you don't think he's going to score. I don't think he's GonNa Score. Live scores Below fifteen goals. I because magic numbers ten or thirteen then no way. He's getting called back into the national number different player but got called in with. What a goal? Yeah but that's so different. I mean he gives you something very specific that thought that wants on the wings. That's what I'm that's what I'm saying. Who des Those GonNa play? Let's be honest realistically in Peter System in that four three three. I don't think he's GonNa play as a nine. I really don't think he'll play off a nine. Maybe on the wing on the left hand side spent that much money for left wing. I'm being honest. I don't believe the plane back to gold. You do you think he's going to be a nine. The Co that brings other players into the game he drifts wide every time he gets a chance. Ah what I'm trying to tell you. So so if I'm that the Martino and I'm looking for a specific skill set and I'm saying all right if that's his tendencies to drift wide on the left left hand side so everything's on the right and his right foot. Am I really going to play him over and listen. He's got his issues with that. Got The tito a Tequila Sano. Odiele Antuna no you know. It's the deepest spot comeback. It's the deepest but you're right there's no Keno who who's shown you very little but potentially it could slide into that role. The point I would make though is that polio does have a case like I think just being being like it's really. It is really weird. That can you ever think of another Mexican leading score. Not Getting called in. I think they'll ask me leading Mexican leading score right. They know with them. Yeah I believe he was the last one but that had more to do with just personality analogy. Yeah he was always the point is like it is it is. It is not normal for a player that much success in the Mexican league and get not get cut in but as you explain it I'll be really honest relative success on a personal level or deviant but Outta but he was always being called in. Yeah totally Couple all things to clean up. We have the schedule for March Czech Republic and Greece one in Charlotte one in Arlington plane in. Oh the the first one in Arlington House. He's GonNa say playing in the Czech Republic Gray experience playing in Greece. That's going to be so it is what it is. I mean this isn't this isn't bothering the Czech Republic. I don't see Peter de Checking goal in this in this day. You can expect the Czech Czech Republic a team the Greek eight team. I think I think you can hope for that. Whereas in the past we have actually seen like Iceland C team? Las Vegas. Yes yes. I mean literally cash grabs ABS-. Yeah what do you think of that competition though. Neither those teams screams to me anyway. That's the best I can get. So it's it's not bad because if you think about it with canoes the new schedule and because a nation's League in Europe new schedule because initially here it's South American opposition and if it's not the magnum position that's going to be as good as it gets very good We will do this again sometime soon. I don't know if we should commander promise people anything right now. You can't commit to well. Wow that's another conversation for another time How do we do this do this like once a month? But let's tell the folks about what we're doing on Youtube because it encompasses a little mini segments of this right right so basically McKee's and Mexican national team coverage we're GONNA take onto the ESPN AFC Youtube Channel We do a lot of their. You gotTA subscribe. I think they already got Somewhere north of half a million subscribers you welcome was that all you got to give a little credit. I'm not gonNA take take all that credit right but but we're going to be cranking out content.

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