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Itunes and toss us a five star and snarky review. Once again, a shoutout to all the fireside peeps the people that ran at the volunteers, the staff at the camp of the people that attended it was a great time, and I'm still cold z. I have had the opposite effect. I am hot. I got used to the cold in like now it's, you know. In southern California. So I'm just like sweating profusely even with the air conditioner on standing naked in front of it going, make me cold. No. No. So everybody was so nice to us there a large part that was Canada and they're very nice. And since we are recording today on his September eleventh, I believe these seventeen seventeen and a bursary of September. Eleventh. I wanted to read the story once again at appeared up on mental floss, and it's, you know, with all the shit in the world, it's nice to have some hope and hear about some nice people. So this is September eleventh. And the hospitable people of gander Newfoundland, which is in Canada in the immediate aftermath of the timber. Eleventh attacks our Canadian neighbors spring into action to help clear American airspace of any other potentially dangerous flights. This action was known as operations, yellow ribbon, and those uncertain first hours after the attack. It was hugely helpful. The mission also made a tiny town in Newfoundland world famous for its hospitals. Canadian authorities began diverting flights heading into the US various locations around Canada to help neutralize any lingering threats. But the task was a tricky one. It wouldn't have made much sensible flights away from American airspace only to root them to Canada's major centers. So they had to find a silly idea. Landing spots for these planes had to be relatively REM. Wrote while also having a large enough airport to accommodate all the traffic as luck would have it. Canada had just airport in gander, Newfoundland. The tiny town only boasts, ten thousand residents, but when it lacked in size it more than made up for an airport capacity. The gander international airport had previously served as a refueling stop for transatlantic flights, and it serves the staging point for you boat hunting flights during old row to the ended up getting thirty eight flights in the wake of the September eleventh attacks. Second only to Halifax's forty, seven diverted flights, landing all the planes and gander was easy figuring out to do with what to do with these six thousand seven hundred plus passengers and crew members who were stuck on the ground until flights resumed was a bit tougher. Towns of ten thousand people aren't exactly built to accommodate suddenly sixty six percent population surges. So that enough hotel or restaurant capacity to take in all the flyers, their population may have been small, but the town was also mentally hospitable, say the locals bent over backwards to accommodate their unexpected. Guests would be a gross understatement when flyer stepped off their planes. The citizens met them with homemade bagged lunches, the town convert. It at schools and large buildings into temporary shelters. And when those lodgings fills up, citizens took strangers into their own homes that ical personnel saw patients and fill prescriptions free of charge in the stern had passengers. Finally got to fly home a few days later. They couldn't believe how wonderful their Canadian hosts had been and in two thousand sixteen to the town for its role in helping thousands of temporary transients in the wake of the attacks, New Yorkers gifted gander with his piece of steel from the World Trade Center, south tower, pretty cool. That is pretty cool. Well-done, Canada. Until next time I'm Jason Filipo and I'm Brian show monster. Thanks for listening to

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