Weather Delays (MM #4564)

The Mason Minute


When you've been on Earth as long as I have, you often wonder when something changed because you remember growing up it wasn't that way and now it is. For example, weather delays in football. Growing up, they played in all sorts of weather. Football weather was always cold and nasty and there'd be snow, there'd be rain. But in the last few weeks, we had a weather delay for lightning when Vanderbilt was playing Hawaii. I know Notre Dame had one last weekend of the University of Alabama. The University of Tennessee had them as well. They're all weather delays for lightning. Now, it hasn't always been that way, but I wonder is it getting more prevalent because of climate change, because we're getting more lightning storms, or is it something that's been around I just didn't notice back in the day? I truly don't know the answer. I've spent hours looking on the internet to find out when we came up with this half -hour delay for a lightning strike. They do it with concerts too here and we have it all the time here in Nashville. We have very volatile weather. We get a lot of lightning storms. I don't remember as a kid. Did we have that much lightning? I know it's things I think about late at night. Weather delays. They're getting more frequent. Or is it just me?

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