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With Bloomberg, you get the story behind the story, the story behind the global birth rate, behind your EV battery's environmental impact, behind sand, yeah, sand, you get context, and context changes everything. Go to Bloomberg .com to get context. So I mean, why disappoint so many school -aged children? Always the best time with Rick Davis and Jeanne Shanzano, even in times like these. Our two of Sound On starts right now. Bloomberg Sound On, politics, policy, and perspective, from DC's top names. Federal spending combined with too -laxed monetary policy has produced this 40 -year hot inflation. China policy is driven basically by domestic politics. American families are finding themselves further behind the eight ball. To get anything done in this Congress, it's going to have to be done in a bipartisan way. Bloomberg Sound On with Joe Matthew and Kaylee Lines on Bloomberg Radio. The government shutdown appears unavoidable at this point. So who should we pay? Welcome to our two of Sound On as the Biden administration considers spending options now. In the case of a full shutdown as soon as this weekend, it might be unavoidable. And we'll have the latest on negotiations from Capitol Hill. And we'll discuss the fallout with Michael Linden, former executive director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Biden White House, the man who would have had to make those decisions this weekend. SEC Chair Gary Gensler gets his latest grilling in the House. And a cannabis banking bill.

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