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We're back the mean. Orange break started with me being a bigoted racist against Mario or like realizing that Mario Oh is tainted forever and the next one lead up to me just time sad. Yeah that's that's the DENUNCIA effect. Okay could continue. I'm sorry this is over the two years that they were together. Gabriel wrote Giralda five hundred letters letters They actually spent very little time in each other's company. Shortly after hooking up he graduated and wound up traveling all around Italy launching his career as a writer. He continued to write her dizzying seeing leap passionate love letters but ignored all of pleading requests to visit her in Florence sometimes even pass by the city on journeys to other places without diverting himself to visit this woman. He claimed to love the fact that he wasn't all that into seeing her didn't stop him from giving her orders on what to wear only black But by eighteen eighty three he was tired of the relationship and gradually his letters nice to her dwindled. Off into nothing. Gabriel was never able to actually break off things with anyone he just sorta ghost them. After spending months and even years writing tens of thousands of passionate odes to their bodies this this would prove to be a lifelong habit for the poet and writer by his own count Gabriel bedded around one thousand women in his lifetime and this is probably not far from accurate. He developed a reputation for being not just a great seducer of women but for abandoning them and breaking their heart. His lovers would repeatedly attempt suicide in a number of them probably succeeded. One of the reasons I really love. Lucy Hughes Hallett's let's biography if Gabrielle Is that she's She's a woman and she brings a woman's perspective too the way this this guy dealt with his relationships and I. I'm very interested in the way she writes. It's about him because she's very detailed and thorough In clearly as an appreciator of his work but is also utterly unsparing and sort of analyzing this him as a human and being she writes at one point quote the more unhappy. A woman was the more interesting to him. She became the more he tantalized Elda with promised visits which were repeatedly deferred. The the more adorable. Her image seemed to him. You must be sad immensely sad my poor angel he wrote. You will be thinking of me with desperate desire. The idea of her disappointment denied his savage savage kisses was one he liked to dwell on seeing her so seldom she was really in no position to report on. How Pale in one elder really was pretty addressed her in a rapture of sadistic pity as my appellate affiliate? My poor betrayed virgin. So he's like into ignoring and emotional manipulator like and he's a fundamentally abusive abusive person like emotionally abusive person And ghosting someone in like there's a there's a term called love bombing coming where you're like showering someone with affection everything then you're gone and it's a huge form of emotional manipulation because you make them addicted to you because every time it's like scientifically proven that whenever this person reaches out again your cortisol goes up and your cortisol is like your stress hormone and it's like literally the same way and Attic reacts to who an addiction. So he's literally making all these women addicted to him and it's conniving and disgustingly brilliant because that's a really really good emotional abuser does But he's one of the things that's really hard about thinking like I most of at this point in my life just because of the way my career and mytravel is gone like most of my relationships have wound up being long distance for some particular point And that's like a really that's one of the things that's like really tough about them is is there. Is this like addictive. Sort of like nature to the relationship where you're a part and then like your together and you get this massive oxy release and then like like it's hard not to. I don't know like it's one of those things that I always wonder about like. Because it's it's it's just it's difficult to do do that and not like fuck it up and not hurt the other per- or get hurt yourself like both of those things happen. I guess they're hard Relief because because when when the relationship is established as this like I don't know it's it's hard to describe it as anything but addiction. There's like this huge overwhelming release piece of happiness and everything when you're together you're not and then especially if there's someone that's constantly pulling the rug from under you're pulling away constantly that only feeds the addiction for the other person person so in this case in particular I think I mean like the the right. The relationship that I've kind of the closest thing I've had a real relationship was long distance. And so I can kind of relate to what you're experiencing as far as like on your part. It's like you're waiting to be with them again. And you're waiting for that like basically hit and then as soon as you get your good good even if they're just like replying to a message or whatever it's like you're constantly needing that Like streamline of like like I don't know But in his case he's one side addiction. He's completely fine. I don't think remains anything. He writes no yeah he is not at all emotionally engaged which is part of what what makes abusive right. If you've got two people and you're both dealing with that thing emotionally into each other. That's not abusive. But if you never want he also doesn't in no way. Does this need to be a long distance relationship. He is very well off And successful from an early age and absolutely could at least visit her regularly like there's times where he's like an hour away and he just doesn't like he's it probably gets turned on with having this kind of powder this knows. He has power over these women and he knows that he has emotional. Abuse has made them addicted to him and his presence even not there and that turned him on more than any type of sex drive like. He's absolutely sitting there jacking off as he writes about how sad he thinks like. That's that's what he's into here and that's the sociopath you're just yeah wow in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. When Gabrielle was very famous and renowned not just in Italy but all across Europe Gisela wrote him and asked for permission to sell the letters that he'd sent her? She needed the money to gift her son so he could get married. Gabrielle refused her this and instead asked her to hand over the letters others to his lawyer so like he just doesn't doesn't give a shit like he just stops writing this woman like in a completely cuts her off without even like talking there about just one day he was done and he doesn't even tell her we're done. She just stops getting letters and never hears from him again. So like most great men in History Gabriel Gabrielle. Treated the women and indeed the men in his life like trash but this did nothing to halt the meteoric growth of his career. He went to Rome where he studied. Literature published more poems and started writing books in eighteen eighty two. He wrote the innocent. A book about a Dandy and fuck hungry man named Tulio Hill who cheats constantly his saintly wife until she cheats on him and finally gets pregnant. In eighteen eighty nine he published ill considered the manifesto of Italian decadent his mo which is more or less what it sounds like And I'm going to read. Did you two paragraphs from wikipedia summary of this book okay. Gerard Aristocrat is in mourning over the death of his mistress Leonora. He listens to tape recordings things of them. Having sex and records his recollections of the day he met Leonora for the first time at the Carnival of Venice many years ago on a day he felt sexually adventurous in a flashback. We see him meet her on the St Introducing himself as Jacome cazenove after chasing her through the city. He finds her waiting for him behind the column and a passageway where he lifts her dress and has sex with her later that day in an opium am dim. After having a smoke they're initiated by Johnny in the cosmic secrets of pleasure and joining the threesome with her back. In the present Gerard Fiorella Dress Leonora as naked body for her funeral. When Ursula and Edmund Leonor is from another man arrived for the funeral Gerard who has not seen either of them for ten years at First Mistakes Ursula for Leonora Georgia's now legal guardian to both until they come of age in a sudden fit? Edmund cries out that his mother was only a horror in suffers an epileptic attack. He has calmed down by his sister. Breastfeeding him like their Mother did later. It is fear. Ella who repeatedly repeatedly breastfeeds him in with whom he has his first sex. That's just two paragraphs it goes on like that. That's the kind of books this guy writes like they're the smutty smut to ever green. Fuck hungry that you use. Maybe five minutes ago he is very fuck hungry. Writing Fundamentally Fuck Hungry is Gabriel DENUNCIA that is that is twisted yet. But they're wildly successful liming because because it's it's what's the word it's the cornyist books ever. Everyone's Horny everyone's hungry when you want it. When you were honest everybody's Fuck Hungry and Gabrielle is just leaning into it like you guys? Want horny books all right. The Hornets fucking books anyone's ever written. Yeah each other's buckets. They just like the most depraved decadent shit he can think of For for his for his Legion of followers. They're probably we like this is for like from his real experience. He'd probably did all this stuff because he's like this amazing womanizer I mean he. He probably did a lot of this stuff to yes like. Yeah he was Boundary a group. Show you. I'm going to show you his picture at the end of this episode. We'll talk about that. He was not considered. Good looking though. Most of Gabrielle's protagonists were aristocrats. Though he himself was not It's notable that his only marriage was to Maria de Lisi Ah Duchess touches and probably because marrying her technically made him an Aristocrat to he had three children with her in Christ knows how many with other random lovers he never took care of any of these kids and I'm gonNA quote from from the New York Times wildly generous he bestowed upon them. custom-made gifts by BOO Colletti and famous guys with flamboyant nicknames that bring him bring the mind Pantheon of Olympic goddesses. Besse Lisa Nike Barbarella. And of course Cora the outrageous Marchesi Kazadi Yeah I don't know who any of these people are. But he's like he's always got these loving nicknames that are like really like like like out of this world flamboyant and he gives spends thousands of dollars dollars essentially on fancy gifts for whoever is fucking before he abandons them Love Yeah Denuncia was wildly successful and made fortunes fortune from his writing but he spent those fortunes even faster than he could accumulate them. I found a write up on his life on the rake a fashion and style focus magazine That makes it clear. Just how he managed manage this quote he could shop until he didn't drop endless trips to the Taylor thousands of books and he.

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