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On this long is changing who your friends are. Ryan and Hoboken. You're on w N. Y. C. Had Ryan They have me on. I just wanted to say that I'm able to strengthen friendships even by playing a video games online, and I wonder what some parents are thinking about their young kids. Their screen time and how it's their only chance of Social. I'd really Yeah, well, when you're playing video games online with these friends, are you also like hanging out with them or just seeing them in the in the game context? I'm just really in the game. Contact this point. Most of us are pretty hunker down in my in my friend group. Definitely chance to not just have a phone call to do something a little more collaborative and A gun. Ryan. Thank you very much. Yeah, and you can kind of chat at the same time as you're actually playing. So that's I guess that's really what I was trying to get out with him is how much How much do you do that you know, at the same time is you're actually in the in the game moves, but Bob in Bay Ridge, your W N Y C Hi, Bob. Hi, Brian. Thanks for having me on I met new friends this this year. You know, it's been a pretty rough year. Socially can't really see my friends and go hang out at bars or restaurants like we used to. But we had a new wine store that opened in my neighborhood. Quite a surprise. On guy be quickly became great friends with everybody that works there and it's a really cool Store and the people are friendly and it was just nice to have You know, I knew nice curated wine store in the neighborhoods. So is that like in person talking to other customers, or how do you mean? You made new friends there? Oh, well, when you know when I first saw the store opening, I was kind of surprised because most businesses right here closing, um, so look like a really nice store. I walked in. Actually, they were having their opening party for just like the friends of the owners. And I knocked on the door and they let me in, and they were very happy because it was their first day and we started talking and became great friends and they're very knowledgeable, and they Recommended me a lot of great wine. So I stop in like every time I passed by when I get groceries, even if I'm not Buying wine. I stop in and just chat, and we've kind of hung out. You know, outside of Store also so really made some new friends. That's great, Bob. Thank you very much. Denise, in Brooklyn, you're on W and my C Hi, Denise. Good morning s 0 2001 is that we see are Brooklyn Flint friends a lot more than we see our Manhattan friends just because it feels easier and safer to just meet around the corner and go for a walk or something. Would just sort of shifted who were able to see, um And also we have become much better friends with other parents from preschool because we're doing so many outdoor play D. And before you know, on weekends, we would often go to concerts by ourselves or museum. Um, just our family whenever it sort of suited our schedule, But now that's out of the picture, and we're just really prioritizing. Whatever social interactions we can possibly have safely so We're just outside of the playground and at the park a lot more with other families. And those those friendships have been new for us. I think you know, largely because of the pandemic that makes sense and on your first point I heard somebody say neighbors are the new friends. It sounds like that's the case for you. Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Please. Thank you very much will a and sleepy hollow You're on w N Y C Hi, Wila. Hi. Can you hear me? Yep. Thank you for your consistency. During all of this. I just wanted to say it's been really grounding, but I've been like I'm in college now. But because of the tendon, Mick, I've gotten a lot closer with my friends from high school and even middle school is just a really tight knit. Group. Really close friends that we don't ever see each other, but we face time. That's really beautiful. And also like I had the chance to get closer with my family, which is something I probably would have never Able to do without dependent, actually, even though it's been hard and not like Social. Technically, it's been Like more of a deep bond, which is like I really appreciate it with your parents. You mean We always my with my family at home, and also just with like friends that I might have lost contact with. We haven't all been stuck at home Bored. Well, thank you so much. Call us again. Eunice in Manhattan. You're on W N Y C. Hi, Eunice. Hi, Brian. Thank you for taking my college. Listen to you every day, So this is really nice. So I'm a theater actor, and obviously our industry is just non existent at the moment, and it's normal form. So I've been taking some online classes at online class called General Open Studios and the community There has Really, um, brought out a lot of friendship that I would not have otherwise known And just by, you know, finding someone's checked comments incredibly funny, and then we became friends, and now we see each other for play dates. For God's and also I foster dogs through hearts and bones and Uh, finding other fosters in my neighborhood where we can do puppy playdate because it's so important to socialize them at this age that we've really come toe find a lot of friendship through that as well. Which is a lovely Side effect of the of the pandemic. Also fostering has just gone through the roof during this time when everyone is stuck at home. Yeah, so puppy playdates, and we know that it's it's harder to get a pat Then it was before so many people are getting pats during the pandemic, which is great in the rescue, animal community and for other reasons, and you know you're the second person to suggest that the chat functions in social media sense while you're doing the main activity, which is not chatting. Actually deep in bond. So the first caller is talking about, you know, gaming with friends, and so if he's had with them, that's that's through the chat, and sometimes they razz each other and whatever it is, and you're talking about taking online classes, and at the same time as the class is going on. You're also chatting with people on the side, right? Out my new best friend who lives in Harlem. We became friends because she made me spit out my drink while I was reading her chat. And then I private message her and we became. We've become cooking and dog friends ever since this thank you very much. Appreciate it. Mm Mary and Asbury Park ur WN My C Hi, Mary. Hi, Brian. Thank you so much for taking my call. So your friends changing your friendships in the long pandemic. Absolutely. They've been shifting. And I am actually a birthday, Lola. Um I don't know if you know what that is, but I provide labor support for Mom's in labor and I run a maternal journaling group once a week, which has been amazing, Um and it has expanded my community hugely. So we meet once a.

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