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What do you think? Oh, definitely not into right? You get to do this every year. Right. We get to go and go to the camp to a game early spring training of a team whether World Series, the your prior and. Every time. It's like that kinda slow like that really short off season that kind of like gosh already back out here, and you feel like all right? It's gonna take them a while really get going. The Red Sox. I never stopped. I mean, honestly, I feel like it's Tober dot because they're like Schober ready necessarily, which is the excitement. And honestly, the fact that they won the World Series is only a few of them with more energy this year. All right. Yes. Well, you work on your voice. I'm going to work on my hiccups. Thanks for doing this. Thanks. So we've been going from camp to camp all spring talking with players managers rapid fire style in these clips, you're gonna hear from max Shire's that done with Peres Oakland manager Bob Melvin with our Jesse Rogers give a lesson you rose already replacing kind. East as got more interesting as the off season one on now, Honey. Honey, you see it's just gonna be competitive launch teams made some moves, and we're all gonna win is the vision the format that you need to do win. The series is try to win division. What better way to have to go out there and the feeling try win? I lose your favorite part about playing. I mean just being summertime in hot summer playing baseball day long being tournaments trial around unit as ninety five hundred degrees. It didn't matter. They're playing baseball. You know, whether you're fishing or heading because that's as a kid, you know, long days of my baseball. We're broth what's part about what's truly world? Search. Surpassed the kids play with. That's not something that never let you never leave the union the big leagues he played at the same hospital. When you see your twelve year old kids out there playing with the same type of intensity. It's always fun to watch. Because it doesn't matter. What age you are? You can play the game at the hospital. What was your primary playing? Call baseball. Just the overall camaraderie of being so much of a team aspect in college. When you're you give a thirty five guys as your window teammates. Now with them, you know, mom and dad you look you're living with your teammates. Now, you're really training year round. And you're out in competitive games facing the best kind of talent across across the nation and getting conferences and the Friday nights and the three game series. It's wonderful. Brandon baseball going on more backdrop, literally how cool is that? Also, watch baseball. They say, hi, my name is so-so. My favorite pitcher is event. Sure. That's awesome. I mean, the kids would you put a game for in ever been kid, you dream and watching my favorite tissue some for the kid be out there Meyer when I do. That's awesome. Once a year sometimes twice a year that number thirty one changes support to Johnny Robinson verse thing that comes to your my you outs. Honestly, just appreciating the history of the game. The history of his fight and struggle in what he did for the baseball in breaking down the color barrier. And how our game is regressed than is data. Remember for everyone that progress can be made. And it's a day to remember what he brought to the table, and he was special individual. Tweets or rep by there, we go. Little. They were player to watch major league baseball right now. My truck. Least favorite hitter face since you too. You could steal one pitch from pitcher. What would that pitch me? And whose pitch is. And. Pitches right now, it's hard to put on one. I mean, you can give you crystal. Fighter crew. Soccer ball, you Chapman fastball. I'll.

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