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You updated on that more housekeeping i'm going to be on tour with pod save america i'm going to be in denver on july seventeenth at the bell so theater in salt lake city on july eighteenth fc eccles theater stand i've never been to utah before so i'm pretty excited but i'm gonna get the kickoff utah on my list of states but i haven't visited excited to join you guys july seventeenth in denver slight eighteenth in salt lake city the shows because me to make sure come see us live get tickets at crooked dot com slash events finally finally i'm trying a new thing where i give a shout out to a special group of listeners this week wanna give a shout out to people who still have to work on holidays i spent new year's day one year when i was in high school giving bass at a nursing home not more fun i actually worked there but it was not the greatest new year's day of my life so i can't say i feel your exact paying all these people who currently have to work on the fourth of july and other holidays but i have felt similar pain and i'm like you fellas which hello hello well is that what's weird though is super weird it's just picked up in there was no buddy but yet here i am yeah here you are thank goodness i was going idle hall hello line planned i'd like pre written it gonna be like oh it's hashtag most wanted elyssa but i know i was i was shocked by the silence and now it just totally through my whole day off so we're gonna elements okay well well take it from here okay good thank you for being understanding politically or let's let's get into it i wanna talk about hashtag unwanted ivanka the be a photo shopping name that i accidentally started on sunday cy had writer's block 'em so here's would start elyssa use you saw i'm assuming yes people out shopping ivanka trump into historical moments where she didn't belong in wasn't wanted and would be useful that was something but i suggested people do in response to the conversation at the g twenty where we see ivanka trying to interject into a conversation between actual world leaders who have diplomatic experience an christine lagarde had amassed kind of casting a very obvious aspersions with her face on ivanka why don't you think before we started before we really get into like the photo things in the meaning of it and what actually happened what did you think about ivanka at the at the g twenty i mean it's fucking appalling you know i mean like if you look back and i guess for me i put everything in the context of like when i was there more just generally before donald trump was president i mean any v administration supply i mean she put herself my my favorite part aside from the christine the guard side i windows righteous would win so every summit every gene twining g eight nato excetera there's always what they call the family.

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